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Monday, July 13, 2009 

Obama opens can of biting worms

In what will turn out to be a huge blunder by President Obama. Attorney General Eric Holder is about to open a can of worms that will come back to bite his boss hard in the posterior.

Long before the 2008 election campaign, liberal leftist have wanted and prayed for a political judicial witch hunt on the Bush Administration and now it looks like they are about to get their prayers answered. However the answer they get is a two edged sword that will bite them hard as the American Citizenry is waking up to their shenanigans.

The abuse of the Attorney General powers to investigate false ethic and criminal beliefs by the left into the defense of this nation and its people is tat amount to jealousy. The exposure of classified information and release of programs that would aid our enemies have always been a goal of the left. The same left who now abuse their powers of elected official status.

As the left deflects and misleads their own CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES, blaming the right for all the troubles that the left are making and compounding. the left again hopes to deflect attention to the dismantling of the Constitution by drumming up false allegations on the past administration.

A.G. Holder will open criminal investigations with former Vice President Dick Cheney. This is nothing more than a witch hunt to pacify lefties and keep a dwindling political base who is beginning to recognise the true agenda of anti Americanism in the current elected officials.

Should Holder pursue this dangerous line of waste in tax payer monies and time. Payback will be harsh and swift with more evidence against the left once they are voted out of office and brought to moral justice for their abuse of power.

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