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Saturday, June 27, 2009 

Obama cheers Americas downfall

The Marxist push to redistribute American hard earned wealth and freedoms is under the most
forward and destructive offense ever in history.

The lies of how the left are for the little people needs to be reexamined in depth. A determination as to who the little people really are that Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid , Barney Frank, and President Obamanation are looking out for. Are the little people those who are in America and in need of help from the oppressive new life styles and taxes being shoved down our throats. Or is it possible that the little people are in other countries and not in favor of anything American.

Lets face reality here. In the six (6) short months that the left have exerted their control on this nation we have indisputable proof that inflation is rising, unemployment is at a 20 year high and getting worse. Net income is on the way down. Cost of living is on the way up and the lies out of Washington have never been more prevalent.

The world is a more dangerous place. North Korea is now threatening Nuclear war if they are opposed. Iran is massacring their own citizens as Washington, once the light on the hill for freedom darkens its beem. Mexico is sending armed troops across our borders to escort drug dealers and their shipments into this country. Russia is rebuilding the Soviet Union, while China is economically and militarily on the march.

Claims of "we will be energy independent" are distorted and spun. The limiting of American natural resources and technology on the home front, yet an export of monies and tech are on the go. The environmental left uses and abuses the legal system to dictate lifestyles to the American people, yet they live high on the hog doing what the refuse to let every one else do. LIVE THEIR OWN LIVE.

The latest government grab on our freedom comes with a close vote in which the majority of Congressional Representatives ignored the best interest of the American citizenry, and passed a massive tax bill disguised as a climate (global warming myth) legislation.

President Obama came on television and cheered this boondoggle and praised the effort being made at destroying this country.

This is the hope and change that the left and ill informed, uneducated, slackers voted for. When the bills come due for these welfare and preposterous programs, just who is going to cough up the funds? News flash! It won't be the " evil rich ", but the poor and middle class who front the funds for this.

A big thank you to all those who voted for this mess. It in NO WAY, can be blamed on the past Bush administration. This is Obama's mess. The high unemployment, inflation, threats from foreign interests, and raise in taxes.

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