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Saturday, June 20, 2009 

2010 Census, are the questions legal?

There is a lot of talk about the coming up 2010 census that we can all look forward to having shoved into our faces. Either in the mail box or by some ideologue from ACORN. However the questions on this census deserve some scrutiny.

The census is required in the Constitution ( Article I Section 2) every ten years in order to make sure that there is proper representation in the national Legislature for the people of this country. Yet is the census going a little too far with what the government wants to know.

The census will ask how many people in your home, family members living , dead, etc. So these questions are fine, however if it is illegal for an employer to ask your religion, heritage, political beliefs, and sexual orientation. is it legal for the government to ask these questions in the census?

Does it really matter if you are conservative or liberal for the census to get a number of people in a voting district. How does your sexual orientation relate to how many Representatives we have in government?

What does the amount of money you earn have to do anything regarding the census? Unless those in power want to tax you more or hit you up for election campaign funds. The claim of it helps determine social spending policy is bunk. Ask any one who lives in the West Virginia mining communities.

Why are they going to ask me what type of vehicle I drive or if I have an energy efficient home? This is not their business unless they are paying my bills. Now if they make my car payment and pay for my electrical/gas bill then OK. Otherwise it is none of their business.

If they ask whether or not I own a hand gun , this is not information that I think ACORN should have access to. If they want the information then they can go look it up in the records of fire arms purchases.

I can honestly say that on my census form there will be a lot of none of your business answers along with look it up in your records yourself.

Title 13
Sec. 221. Refusal or neglect to answer questions; false answers
(a) Whoever, being over eighteen years of age refuses or willfully neglects, when requested by the Secretary, or by any other authorized officer or employee of the Department of Commerce or bureau or agency thereof acting under the instructions of the Secretary or authorized officer, to answer, to the best of his knowledge, any of the questions on any schedule submitted to him in connection with any census or survey provided for by subchapters I, II, IV, and V of chapter 5 of this title, applying to himself or to the family to which he belongs or is related, or to the farm or farms of which he or his family is the occupant, shall be fined not more than $100.
(b) Whoever, when answering questions described in subsection (a) of this section, and under the conditions or circumstances described in such subsection, willfully gives any answer that is false, shall be fined not more than $500. (c) Notwithstanding any other provision of this title, no person shall be compelled to disclose information relative to his religious beliefs or to membership in a religious body.

sir the census violates the constitution if u know the law so good

I will only complete questions regarding number of people in my household, age, and gender. All other questions are a violation of the constitution and are none of the government's business. In fact I hope they come to my door, because I have a few questions of my own.

I don't pretend to know the laws, but from what I read, the Constitution has something in it about what the Census can and cannot ask and it can't attach any money "gifts" to states or areas based on the answers we give. I am wondering if we can get away with not answering the questions that are none of their business. It would seem that all the answers are supposed to be for is to determine the number of people in a district and to make sure everyone is being represented. According to one news article I read, the current census states that they need our info so that our state and district can get the money coming to it, and this is illegal.

Last time I read the constitution, the only question the census has legal right to ask is how many people live at the residence. Period.

That was the only question in a box, colored darker blue and the only question I answered. It was bar coded so they know to what address it was sent to.

It's worth a hundred bucks to not answer anything other than the number of people at an address.

Two points are of interest to me:

One, the "United States" Census 2010 on the envelope and the form is a"registered" name. What does that mean? Is it not the Federal Government which is entitled to cause an enumeration? What or who is the "United States [register mark at the end"?

2nd, it is rather difficult to answer questions relative to the status of a situation which has not yet occurred; to whit, April 1, 2010, which is the date the Census is asking for.

So I have serious reservations about filling out the census. We did not. Census Bureau rep came into back yard after knocking on door. I told the probably Non-American citizen that I would fill out the general information but would not fill out race/income because I didnt think that was a legal question. I must have been the first person that told him NO. He really hadn't received much training, but was polite enough. Guess I'll get a $100 fine.

A census worker came to my door, I advised her I would reply to the minimal required questions. She asked my name and how many people were living in my house and said thank you. She then called me two weeks later upset and said her supervisor advised her that she didn't really know what was minimally required by law and that the census bureau expects all questions completed once a worker comes to the door. I advised her that I would not complete any more questions that were not required by law. She agreed and said it was a monetary issue that motivated the aggressive demands for answers. One week later a male census taker came and he told me he would not leave until I had completed all questions. I advised him that I completed what was required by law and would not complete anything more. He again refused to leave and said that he would ask the neighbors for second hand information if I did not cooperate. He asked me about my children's ethnicity. I said they were American. He said, "well your white, they must be white as well"! He accused me of being non-patriotic. My friend who overheard the entire conversation stepped in and advised the gentlemen to leave. He refused but after several requests left to write information from my companies vehicle down on my form.
My friend who is campaigning for a candidate for governor. The census worker advised that he would not vote for that candidate.
This census worker was very demeaning and aggressive. He badgered and threatened me. It is sad to see that this is the state of our nation.

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