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Tuesday, June 30, 2009 

Here come the taxes

Well the left and their pocket books must be doing well. Consider how they cheer and demand the new taxes being placed upon the hard working American citizen.

Once again we have a lack of competent representation on Washington D.C. How many of these Congressmen read the latest tax bill? One to maybe a dozen actually know what this bill contains. Waxman and his cronies who wrote this piece of oppression did. They know full well how this bill is going to further stimmy the growth of the struggling economy. They know full well the layoffs and firings that it will bring on. They know full well how intrusive this bill is on individual rights.

The "cap and tax" bill is a another stimulus lie. Once again a vote was made and passed on the idea of good intentions without any study of what they voted on. This bill is nothing more then a move further down the road to a fascist state run government. It has nothing to do with the actual concept of cap and trade. It dose cap income and it does tax all. It taxes the poor , the middle class and the rich all evenly.

While this is being forced upon us. President Obama demonstrates that he is either totally out of his league or that he is INCOMPETENT as not only a thinker but leader as well.

So far Obamanation is on a full court press against American workers who are struggling to get ahead and make a better life for themselves. His no taxes on the middle income and the poor. Here look at your daily expenses and say he told the truth.

1) No drilling for fossil fuels = higher prices at the gas pumps.

2) No drilling = higher home heating prices

3) No new coal plants = higher heating prices and electric bills

4) Taxes on cigarette's = higher expenses for the poor and middle income, they are the ones who smoke

5) $1300 new tax on automobiles = higher monthly payments for anyone who drives a vehicle

6) Stimulus aid = generations of indentured servitude of the masses in this country. No new jobs created (where are the statistics that say jobs created? ) No loans from the banks for those who need it (small businesses, home improvement loans, vacations?)

7) The Climate Control myth = expensive regulations that effect the middle income because they do not qualify for aid in these programs

The list is much longer and it is growing on a daily bases. The truth is out there and the lies from this regime of Obama, Pelosi, Frank, and the left is massive. With health care being the next target of government attack. It is only a matter of time before the American worker gives p and the economy collapses totally because every one is on the dole.

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