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Wednesday, July 15, 2009 

Obama proves his hypocrisy

What a complete hypocrite we have sitting in the most responsible and important seat in the world. The presidency of the United States doers not need a man who is an ego manic and a hypocrite.

Now Obama who himself is a smoker wants to deny the military of any and all tobacco products. A substance by the way that is LEGAL to use, and have. Yet within the Obama inner circle of despots the push for legalization of drug is on coming. Substances by the way which do have a harmful side effect to the person using.

Just look at the hypocrisy of Obama. Here he tells us to turn down our thermostats yet the White House is a warm and beach comfy 80 degrees. Another Obama hypocrisy. How much of this are we to take.

"Americans need to tighten their belts", says our pompous in chief. Yet he takes the wife out to dinner in Chicago at tax payers expense. Then it is off to New York and holding up of a Broadway play for 45 minutes on the tax payers dime. Well he did buy the tickets himself but we paid for the security, transportation to and from. Along with the people who had to pay extra to the baby sitter because they were 45 minutes delayed because of him.

This man is a prime example of the do as I say and not as I do dictators from the third world.

So tell me left wing how is the hope and change going for you?

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