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Saturday, September 19, 2009 

Government Intrusion Abuse

For those who think that this current government is OK and is leading this country in the right direction. Well they need to take a closer look at what we the people are now being regulated on. This is nothing more then an intrusion deeper into our personnel lives and everyday freedoms.

It is as American as Hot dogs, Apple pie , and the weekend backyard BBQ. The garage sale and flea market. Yet this is something that the government is now going to regulate and dictate what an individual can and can not sell. Yes that's right, the person who may be looking at that old lamp that belong to grandma and you just want to get rid of may be a federal agent out to fine you for trying to sell this item.

Those families that are looking to raise a little extra cash and clean out the attic, garage , or a storage shed now will have to rethink what they would like to sell and what gets thrown out.

New Government Policy Imposes Strict Standards on Garage Sales Nationwide


This was a time honored tradition here in this country. On just about any given weekend in the spring, summer and early fall. A way for families to recover a little cash on old items and young families to pick up a few things cheap. Yet now the government thinks this is wrong and that only they can provide the guidance needed to shop for items.

The claim is that certain toys that may be sold have been recalled and they are unfit for resale. A perversion of the law passed. A law that was enacted over new products they were produced in China and contained lead in paint. yet the Consumer product safety fascists think that this should apply to items that were not initially included in this law. Items that you may have in your storage shed occupying space for the last 20 years.

An example of this could easily be Tonka Toys. You remember the big yellow, metal construction toys that are now no longer sold but collectible? Well they may have a recall from twenty years ago and if you resell them. you can face up to a $15 million dollar fine. Just ask the house wife and mother who sold the Polly Pocket toys and received a $1000.00 dollar fine.

A few items that if you sell can get you a hefty fine:

PHOTOS: Controversial Recalls

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