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Friday, September 11, 2009 

Have We Forgotten

Where were you on the morning of September 11Th? I shall never forget. I can not forget that morning. I was at work. At that time I was pulling 80 plus hours a week trying to kill myself with working and paying off bills.

The radio in the truck I was driving was tunes to Lewis and Floorwax. At first I thought it may be another one of their stupid stunts. Floorwax began describing a plane that had flown into the twin towers. His voice had an edge that was surreal.

Then as I began to unroll the hoses from the truck and start my job of oiling and greasing the heavy equipment the operators began to ask me if I knew what was happening. Some of the cat loaders and scrapers they were driving had cheap radios but not clear reception.

I looked around, the sun was shinning and there was a Blue Jay near by singing. A squirrel was in the tree next to the truck where I parked. Looking east I could see a transport train that was moving equipment from Ft. Carson to Wyoming for maneuvers. A little ironic thinking back upon it all.

A scuff awed what I was hearing. not since Pearl Harbor had anyone dared to attack this country on our soil. Who would be stupid enough to do it now. Sure our military was hurting a little due to the former President Bill Clinton's great government cuts. Where he downsized (I was one of those forced out) the military and called it government savings. However we had a fresh new strong , pro American resident in office now. A cabinet that knew what they were doing, or we believed.

After the crowd of operators had begun to gather at the refuel truck asking questions. I had to turn the radio up louder. That's when Lewis and Floorwax announced that they would be turning over to the Blowtorch of the Rockies, KOA 850 A. M.

Now it was sinking in. On this beautiful morning where things looked like they would be shaping up to be a beautiful fall morning, it was turning to tragedy. A cowardly , cold, premeditated assault on this country had happened. Not from a new enemy but one that has always been there and we find ourselves in struggle with today.

We all know what happened next. Four months later the Afghanistan bombardment of the oppressive Taliban and their evil brethren Al Quieda. How the Bush administration went to work to rebuild and undo the red tape Clinton had created to cover his backside from scandal.

It is a day that lives in my memory like the Day I hit the dock in Abu Daubi during the first Gulf war. On this day do not forget those who were murdered. Do not forget that these people were innocent of any wrong doing. Remember that those of the so called religion of peace with cold calculating hatred, exploited this countries openness to all and used it to murder.

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