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Thursday, August 13, 2009 

I need an Answer

I have read all that I can find on this health scam that is being pushed o the American people and there are so many things in the House version of this bill that have nothing to do with health care at all. Such things like why the government needs to look into my bank accounts. What does the money I have in the bank have to do with health care?

Then I would like to know, like most people how they plan to pay for this when our President says he will not raise taxes on the middle class. Yet inside the House bill there are four very significant taxes. Taxes that will be on those who make less then $250k a year.

Now I definitely want answers to why the UNIONS are to be exempt from this health care fiasco. Why are the unions getting special privileges above the average American? Then why is Congress and the Senate exempt from this plan as well? If it is good enough for us , then is it not goods enough for them? Our EMPLOYEES in government? make no mistake about it. Elected officials are employed at our whim, and work for us!

Now on a more personal level. How does this scam affect my small business? I am covered with insurance now, and my little company does not provide this because as the only employee I am already covered from under my spouses insurance. So since I have no employees and do not require insurance then why am I going to have to, under he houses plan buy the government coverage or else be fined? This makes no sense to me and my RINO Representative cannot answer this question at all. In all fairness I do not plan on having employees other then myself because I do not need them nor do I want to grow my business larger then what I need and that is myself.

Is there anyone out there that can give me an honest answer to these questions. Or is there anyone out there that even knows an answer to these questions?

You've decided it's a "scam" without even getting an answer. You've said that you don't know the answers, yet you already decided it's a "scam." That's like me going to a doctor, asking for tests, and then ME trying to tell the doctor what the tests mean! Look, either you do know, or you don't know, what the Bill actually says. Either you have personally read all the way through it and have come to personally understand it, or you haven't. If you have, then you have the right to call it a scam. If you haven't, then you should ask questions so you can develop an understanding. But to ask questions because you don't understand, and at the same times to mock the Bill while admitting you don't understand ... well, that's just silly.

Let me explain something to you. Something that you do not get. I point out certain things that are questionable , yet when you read the questions , the answers are in the bill. In other words the questions are rhetorical. Meaning they have an answer and do not need to be answered. Yes the whole bill is a scam and a take over of another sector of our economy by the government. Go read the bill and then answer the questions.

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