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Sunday, August 09, 2009 

Should we have expected more?

That is the $24.00 dollar question for this month. Should we have expected more from our elected Democratic Representatives. It seems that as the heat is turned up and their takeover of health care is being ripped apart by INFORMED citizens. These Chicken Little's are running for cover and hiding behind not only the lies of being attacked, but the telephone wire.

Here in Colorado that liberal Dianna De Gettes was the first to hide behind the telephone. There is audio of this and it was nothing more then a political set up to make the health care reform plan look good. No real questions of substance were allowed to be asked and it would seem that all the callers were not only supportive of health care reform they were thankful not to be in the presence of a "mob".

Nothing like a dog and pony show by the democrats to gain support for their socialist agenda is there?

As the news comes out this morning it would seem that very few democrats are holding any real open debate or meetings for their constituents. It is all over the phone and talk about plants at the meetings. Unless you are for , or ask a puff question then your voice is not heard.

So much for the transparency promised. Nothing like the democrat stone wall of lies , myths, and falsehoods is there.

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