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Wednesday, November 11, 2009 

Executing A Terrorist Madman

As we wake up this morning are we safer. Is the world a better place for our children now that the madman, John Allen Muhammad, the mastermind of the 2002 Beltway Sniper attacks, is no longer with us.

At 8:58 Tuesday night, this plotting anti life convert was lead into his final room of life. There he was mercifully put to sleep and died. The only witnesses were his lawyers, government officials , and the victims families. As this mad dog was let off easy in his death many are no asking the questions of "what about our humanity," or "is this Constitutional?".

The questions that need to be addressed are not those at all. What about those who he helped to MURDER? What about the grief and misery he brought to dozens, and the fear he placed the east coast into?

As the bleeding hearts begin their cries of this being inhuman, and cruel punishment, the cry of justice should be celebrated and repeated. The lack of caring for those who had their RIGHT to life snuffed out is unfathomable. Unfortunately many of the victims families do not feel a sense of justice or closure to their pain.

"He died very peacefully, much more than most of his victims," said Paul Ebert, the Virginia prosecutor who won the death penalty conviction. A true statement if there was one for this atrocity.

If it is unconstitutional to sentence one to death then is it not unconstitutional to murder someone under the same principle? So what should the punishment be? Just a smack on the hand and a promise not to do it again? If it is cruel and unusual punishment is not the taking of another life by any means the same? I doubt if those bleeding hearts ever consider this.

The answer to is it cruel and inhumane is a resounding NOPE. We put these murders down in a very mercifully way. We allow them to close their eyes and go to an endless sleep. Something that they do not do for their victims. It says a lot about society and civilization. It says that we as humanity do not tolerate the taking of life unjustly and senselessly. That there will be repercussions to ones actions.

A civilization and societies within have to have some sort of order and rule of law. Punishment without any real teeth breeds contempt for our fellow man and society in general.

Let us hope that the murdering jihadist Maj. Nidal Hasan will see justice in a military court martial and not protection from an Obama administration.

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