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Saturday, September 03, 2005 

The Blame Game

Now in this time of disaster we see the true colors of many so called activists and political/ethnic leaders. They call President Bush no God, yet they blame a natural disaster his fault. Conspirocy theories are running amock in the abnormal mind about how this happened. "it was planned to eliminate Democratic voters, it is a plot to kill off African Americans, the poor are to be removed." Lets face it this is not only absurd but ludacris.

Where is the leadership from the current administration, this is heard 24/7 at the moment. I ask simply where is the leadership from those who are closer to the scene. Why is the mayor of New Orleans in Baton Rouge instead of in the middle of his city trying to restore oreder and civility? Why isn't the mayor with the Govenor of Louisianna coordinating relief efforts? Where is the police chief? Why does he have so much time to do television interviews instead of rescueing those being held hostage by thugs?

Better yet how come these thugs/known gang and drug users allowed to run a muck? Why were they not locked up before this disaster. They are known criminals. Why isn't the chief of police standing shoulder to shoulder with the National Guard and issueing orders to restore order out of caos?

Now as I recall, all my life I have heard the authorities tell people that they should plan on having supplies for three days. This to include batteries for flashlights, food and water. Blankets and a radio. A three day supply. This is what is told to everyone for all disasters. Now the levees broke on tuesday, and relief started to enter the city on friday. HMMMMMMM, three days huh. However the press and the activists (really reverse racists) are screaming not soon enough. Looks to me like the relief plans are working as expected.

Why isn't there more coverage of the problems in Mississippi? Could it be because here we have a very active leadership role being shown by the Govenor? I think so! Still three days after Mississippi was hit, federal relief started to move in, however there are few reports of a breakdown in civil nature. People of Mississippi are conducting themselves in a fashion of order trying to rebuild and rescue/aid those in need.

A big differance in this is not race , nor is it an economic reason. Mississippi is just as poor and ladden with ethnic diversity as much as New Orleans. What is going on is that Mississippi does not have nearly as many thugs, punks, degenerates, or racial activists. The blame game usual racists cannot get into Mississippi and stir up trouble like they can in New Orleans. The authority in Mississippi is conducting a tramendouse effort of relief while the authority of New Orleans (the mayor and other disreputable leaders) are not!

While national morons like Wayne West , Moveon.org, Randall Robinson, along with other "poor me" activists who want to blame the federal government instead of local Black leaders are banging their oppresed drums. They fail to ask the important questions. All they keep saying is where is the federal government. The questions should fall closer to home. Why didn't the local authority have in place better plans? Why did the local government allow so many to stay and ride out this disaster? Why are so many claiming they never got the word? Should not this be looked at? If they didnt get the word where was the local EAS systems ands why did they not broadcast to people to get items they obviousely need to survive(going back to three days os supplies).

No they will not ask these questions because deep down they believe in big Government has to take care of people. Socialism is their way of life. Keep the handouts coming and do not attempt to give me a hand up but keep the handouts coming.

For those who speak out so loudly on the looting, and providing excuses for the theft , rapes, and murders going on. I ask them since when does looting a Wal Mart taking items like cash, jewelerey, vacumns have to do with survival. Since when does the sniping of firefighters and their familes lead to survival. The armed incursions and force on hospitals. What has this to do with survival. It isn't a matter of life and death but an accumilation of basic I want what I do not have and am to lazy to earn. It is easier to rob then to EARN. Gangs, drug users and degenerates are running amock and the activists are making excuses for them. Blaming the federal government for these criminals and covering it up as a suppression of African Americans. Talk about putting a spin on things.

There are plenty of African Americans who are doing the right thing, providing aid and comfort to both white and black citizens during this time of despair. The same can be said of white people aiding the survivors of Katrina. Are we going to hear about this? No in the least. The blame Bush crowd would rather exaggerate the truth and the facts before our eyes and make it into a racial battle of civil rights and oppression. A conspirocy where Bush forsaw this and sent the national guard off and secretely years before disabled the levees to allow this.

I feel sorry for the survivors of Katrina, for from now on I will think of the racists and looters before the heroic actions of some.

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