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Monday, October 10, 2005 

Colorado Sports

What a weekend for the sports lover in Colorado. Unfortunately once again the vast majority of so called reporters for Colorado did not report the games. I often after a weekend like this honestly think that a law should be passed here in this state. This law should say that unless you are a native to Colorado you can not report on the sports scene.

In Hockey the Avalance won 3 to 2 in an exciting game on saturday. Then in football the C.U. Buffaloes creamed Texas, 41 to 20, and not untill the Buffs put in their second string did Texas do anything. Thats two weeks in a row that the C.U. Buffaloes went wild. Does any of this make the news. Just a little blip here. The Broncos defeted the Washington Redskins, 21 to 18. In a very poorly, biased one sided officiatd game. I do not know what game that several local wantabe reporters watched but the referring was pro Washington. What do they say? That the Broncos were aided by the officials and were lucky to win. What game did they watch again?

If you love Colorado you love sports , especially the home teams from Air Force to even the C.S.U. Rams ( of which I am not a big fan).What do we get Baseball and Golf. COM"ON for crying out loud. It is Fall and that means Football, Hockey, and Basketball in a couple weeks. Not BASEBALL. Over paid millionares who stand around and scratch themselves in public and act like spoiled brats. WHO CARES! Colorado has not had any baseball since they got rid of our minor leauge Bears.The out of towners forced us to bring in the majors and it has been a dissapointment ever since. I say to all these out of towners .... GO HOME!!!!!!!!!!

I want to hear about the local teams from high school to pro. Not some other city and what they are doing. Take your Yankees, your Giants , the Tiger woods and Nicks with you this is Colorado. That means the Broncos, the Avalance, the Nuggets, C.U. Buffs, Rams, Smokey Hill, George Washington, and Thorton High Schools, even Evergreen High. Not California, New York, or Minnesota. I just have to change the station when sports come on. Good thing I follow the home teams myself.

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