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Friday, December 23, 2005 

Mexico, "Bite Me"

After a week long tirad by the mexican government and Vincente Fox whinnging about how it just isn't righ to build a fence along the Unioted States southern border I have had enough.

Mexico spreads its lies and propaganda with the aid of Requincista and Axteca, La Raza and other subversive groups who claim the land (* the whole western United States) is still thier land. Bull #%$^!!!!!
Anyone remember the American Mexcican war of 1842? Anyone remember the Alamo? This land is does not belong to Mexico or anyone other then America!!!!!.

What lies at the heart of the whole mythical situation of these "poor" Mexicans is money. 18% of Mexicos gross national product copmes from ILLEGALS, and a total of 23 % GNP come from American foriegn aid. Mexico is afraid of looseing this money.

As Americans we do not owe Mexicans and education. If the Mexican government only wants to support a 6th grade education , it does not fall upon the United States to finish the educational process of a foriegn country. The people of Mexico should demand that their public educational system include a high school level of study. It is not up to American tax payers to ensure that FREE MEDICAL coverage is granted to non taxpayers/ citizens. Hell why should foriegners get free medical care when our own citizens do not.

This constant crying and moaning that we do not do enough for our southern neighbor is getting old and very tiresome. We provide Mexico with their national defense at no cost to them. We through the goodness of our heart provide international relief, and all sorts of international aid to numerouse to mention.

ILLEGALS break the law when they sneak into this country. Then they work the system , do not pay taxes. Get free medical (that of which our own citizens do not get), then they get all sorts of handouts from food stamps, to free transportation, lower rent, hell they even now get special interest rates on homes. As a born here American citizen I do not get the luxery of special interets rates. But I do get the bill every time I look at my pay check and see my tax monmies going to help out those who do not contribute to this country.

The lie of they only do jobs that the average American will not do. What nonsense is this. Since when do Americans not want to work at McDonalds or any other fast food resturant> What about the average construction worker who speaks english who can not get a job because a working wage that includes taxes is higher then the employer wants to pay. I for one am tired of having to find someone to translate the writing on a box of soap from spanish to english while I decide if it is the product I want or not. This is America ... The United States of America damnit!!!! This is not the united states of spanish speaking sponges.

Sure there are those who will say this is racial and hate full blog that6 is anti Mexican .... No this blog is PRO AMERICAN AND SUPPORTS AMERICA. tHE COMPLAINTS AGAINST THE PATRIOT ACT, SUPPOSEDLY SHRINKING CIVIL RIGHTS , and isolationalism is a bsurd. Why do I have to give up my heritage for lies and someone elses heritage. The things my forefathers fought for and died for I have to give up because some bleeding heart sob wants me to be poilitically correct and they feel guilty for some reason.

Look the number one threat to our way of life is Islamofacism, but a fast and longer threat is this INVASION that is coming from south of the boarder. I will not stand to pay for them to get a free ride while I have to pay my way. Should not the CITIZENS of this country get a free ride before an ILLEGAL?

Would you still have a problem with mexicans coming here if we got rid of the wellfare state. I have no problem with them coming here to work, they are not stealling jobs, you do not have a right to a job. It is not like there is a limited number of jobs, that is a very socialist way to view things. You know when they come here they create job too, they need housing and food and entertainment, it is a two street buddy.

That should read two way street. Guess I should have priewviewed first. :)

Thankyou for your comments. I do read and try to comprehend all that is left oin this site and e-mailed to me.
First I would like to state that no where do I advocate I should or anyone should be guarenteed a job , as you point out thats socialism. Not my thing.
Yes I would love to get ride of the welfare state. I do not think it does any one any good. It promotes leaches on society in my opinion. This being said I reiterate what I have bloged in the past and I am sure you have heard. A principle I find very true. A conservative gives a hand up, a liberal gives a hand out.
So with this line of thinking the old biblical proverb of give a man a fish and he has dinner, teach him to fish and he never goes hungry.

I do not deny anyone the chance or the oppertunity to improve themselves or their way of life. However if in doing so you take away or sponge off others , this I cxan not agree to nor ever support. This is what is happening with ILLEGALS. If they want to come here and be an active productive member of society (American society ) more power to them. If they want to come here and play the system and take advantage while breaking the law ... then they can go back home and live.
I have in the recent past worked with and am friends with many Mexicans. Some Legal and Many not. Fortunately the ones who were not legal were working very hard at becoming legal with their status and adding to society, not taking from it.
Yes we are a country made up of immigrants. However they assimilated and became American, they did not come here and try to form the country that they just left.
Be American , celebrate the greatness of this country. Do not distract from it and live in the squaler you lert behind.

Again thankyou for reading and commenting on this blog. I look foward to more discussion with you in the future. Merry Christmas.

HERE HERE, rightly said by anonymous. I to beleive that if a person wishes to work here then do it the right way. As we all know and should accept that an illegal entry is a crime and if it is done then you are a criminal no ifs about it, and as such be treated accordingly.

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