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Wednesday, October 11, 2006 

Is Texas right?

In Texas they are teaching students and teachers to fight back against those who would attack them. Is it right to teach children to throw boks, pencils, whatever is available at an intruder holding a firearm at them. Some will say yes others say no.

The more then average idiot that takes a gun into a school for reasons only known to them have little to no training with the firearm. So the theory should work of fighting back. To those who have had some training this is a disater looking to happen.

Yes Maggerie there are ways to disarm a person with a weapon. All very effective and some devestating in their application. The one thing in mind that is all but forgotten is that if the person is trained with a forearm they tell you to not move and you move. This person holdig the firearm will shoot those that move.

I think Texas is moving in the right direction, however I hope their approach does not make any more dead heros for us to mourn.

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