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Wednesday, October 11, 2006 

Japan takes the lead

North Korea is full of oximorons. Starting with intelligence but thats another matter. North Korea warns the world and the United States to stop pestering them on internal issues. Yet out of the same mouth demand one on one talks with the United States. As the security council debates on what should be enacted because of North Koreas flagrant violation of nuclear proliferation transgressions it is Japan that steps up to the plate.

Japan has immediately placed into action bans on all products from North Korea, is denying all ships from North Korea from entering Japanese territorial water. then finnally has put a hold on all travelers from North Korea to enter Japan.

Japan has plenty of reasons to worry. Being well within the targeting range of North Koreas missles. Now historicaly Japan is guilty of major atrocities towards the Korean people. A systematic genocide of Korean culture and history. Imposeing Japanes imperialism onto the peninsula. Japan was slapped on the wrist for these war crimes as with all their war crimes during WWII. Koreans do not forget.

It was an honor to be an American Marine in Korea as the people of South Korea's older generations remembered the sacrifices of marines during the early part of the Korean conflict and treated Marines with gratitude. Often providing a hot cooked meal while out on manuvers and just saying thankyou with a smile and handshake.

I am not being down on Japan I support whole heartedly the new ban on North Korea. The United nations needs to step up to the plate and get serious on this madman in North Korea. Japan is now looking at bolstering the military community in America buy purchaseing new systems to protect themselves.

Japan neds help from the international community in stopping, searching and seizing arms to be sold internationally on the black market. Sold to terrorists who want to kill all not muslim.

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