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Tuesday, October 10, 2006 

Mexican Justice is one way

Boy if you are born in mexico and decide to commite a crime like oh say ..... MURDER in another country. Being Mexican is great if you are ever caught. The only reason you would be caught would be the corrupt Mexicans need bribe monies from some one. Here is what the official Mexiccan policy is on extraditing murederers.

Mexico doesn't return suspects with ties to its country unless the death penalty is taken off the table. A 2001 ruling by the Mexican Supreme Court that life in prison was cruel and unusual punishment also banned the extradition of suspects facing life in prison.

Isnt this a progressive and enlightened way of thinking. Go out and murder some one and the Mexican government will see that you do not have to pay for your crime. Now thats a fair a nd just system isnt it. Well as long as you are not the victem or the victems family.

Its no wonder that the crime rate is up along the boarder between America and Mexico. With the assailants running back across to the safety of Old Mexico. No wonder the Mexican government is protesting the proposed wall on the boarder. Taking thier indignant claims to the United Nations. This wall just may prevent Mexican criminals from their right to a life of freedom and force them to face a barbaric justice system that believes in holding individuals responsible for their crimes.


F the wall. Put guns back in the hands of Americans (legally) and most of those problems will go away. Sometimes it sucks living in NYC. Can't own an AR-15.

AM Corona

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