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Monday, November 06, 2006 

Movie Day!!

Whoooo Hooooo!!!!! It sJohn Watne day on turner classic movies. Unfortunately I missed most of the movies do to work but seeing how I am a HUGE John Wayne fan I have seen each at least a dozen times each.

Watching the neat little insider informational clips that TCM puts in between movies I have to wonder. The advertisment was for this weekend and Veterans Day. A great day to pop some popcorn and have the family around the boob tube. Anyways the add was for The Longest Day. What an awsome movie. What an awsome cast.

I had to sit and wonder though. Since Hollywood is no longer origional and does more or less nothing but remakes. When will they get around to ruining another great classic. Three things come to mind on The Longest Day, one: what an effort for a cast in the origional .... where would they find actors half as talented. Two: how could they possibly put a budget together for such a film. Then Three how much of history rewrite would there be in making a remake of this classic.

Just a pondering.

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