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Thursday, January 11, 2007 


Here is a list of Colorados punk and thug clubs. Read and see who your kids may be hanging with.

Aryan Brotherhood
Asian Boy Crips
Asian Pride
Black Gangster Disciples
Gallent Knights Insane
Hit Man Posse
Inca Boys
Mexican Mafia
North Side Mafia
Ku Klux Klan
Sureno 13
Tiny Rascal Gangsters
Vatos Locals
Vice Lords
Vietnamese Pride
West Side Anybody Killers

A list of Denver and Colorado gangs. Some origional names for these punks, other names just like them a joke. Well all of these punks are a joke. Nothing but a bunch of punks who think that selling drugs, threatening others and running around intimedateing others is cool. These organizations if you can call them that are blight on society and need to be ELIMINATED.

Running around fiegning oppression and racism as an excuse for their behavior. Trying to justify the selling of drugs, prostitution, and blackmail, along with murder are just a few things they do. In other words they have no life, are to lazy to work and basicly are a waste of humanity.

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