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Friday, January 05, 2007 

Ethnic Cleansing?

Not even a full day into the pathetic excuse for leadership voted into office and we have yet another low blow from the democrats. Barney Frank accuses the President of Ethnic Cleansing in New Orleans. This pathetic excuse for a person, let alone an elected official just stoops to a new low level in order to embarrish this country and sitting administration.

What did good ol'Barney say?

“And, what I believe is, at this point you’re not talking about [inaudible], but what you’re talking about is, I think, a [inaudible], what you’re talking about is when you simply, in a calculated way, refuse to do anything for well over a year … [inaudible] … and [stuttering] I, I, the policy I think here is ethnic cleansing by inaction.
“It’s not ethnic cleansing in the sense that they’re killing people or [driving] people out, but what we need to recognize here is that, they’re in this happy position for them, where the federal government does nothing, as they become richer and richer, because well not only black people needed housing assistance, but they were [predominantly poor, who did it], to simply not do anything to alleviate this housing crisis which … was being exacerbated by Katrina … [inaudible] they, they, they let the hurricane do the ethnic cleansing, because then they’re, all they’re doing is not resisting it, that’s why I call ethnic cleansing by inaction, and I know that there are people who were very happy that, as a result, … [inaudible] … [so that] Louisiana would become a more widely Republican [city] … [inaudible] … because if you lose 100,000 black voters … then you have to take a state that was prodominately Republican and made it [inaudible].”

There is a video online of this as well so the dems can't claim a lie it is there check out the address and watch for yourself.


Not even 12 hours into the 100 hours of democratic cut and run and they are saying this crap. We are in for a long two years untill we can vote these idiots out of office.

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