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Monday, September 29, 2008 

Bailout FAILS! Pelosi spins

Short and sweet. Pelosi comes out and speaks to the American people along with others democratic leaders. They move their mouths but nothing of value comes out except this to note.


Ninety Five (95) democrats did not vote for the bill, therefore it fails. It is the Republicans fault that a majority of democrats fail to pass their bailout bill, under failed Pelosi leadership

A break down of party line vote and 65 Republicans who sold the American worker out by supporting this bailout bill.

H R 3997 RECORDED VOTE 29-Sep-2008 2:07 PM

AYES Democratic 140 Republican 65

NOES Democrat 95 Republican 133

NOT VOTING Republican 1


AYES 205 NOES 228

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