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Thursday, October 02, 2008 

MSM calls BIDEN the debate WINNER

Are the stakes as high as some are claiming for tonight's V.P. debate? Or is it already over?

As with the first Presidential debate, the MSM refused to look at what was said and only at Obama with their star filled eyes. Not listening to how Obama did 180 degrees turn around on his issues in order to curry moderate independent votes. The MSM missed Obama agreeing with McCain on most issues. Well on the issues he had to answer secondly and was unable to stick to the script given him by his handlers.

The MSM is giving Joe "gaffe" Biden a pass on everything he has said. Coming out and saying opposite of Obama campaign positions from Gun Control to Energy issues. Now the latest gaffe ignored, his chopper being forced down by inclement weather not gun fire as he claimed.

So in tonight's debate who will analyse Joe Biden? The press will be to busy looking for an "I gotcha" on Gov. Palin to notice Bidens mistakes. Already the press has gone with the democratic strategy and promoted it. Building Sarah Palin up to mythical proportions in her debating skills.

So any minor mistake or not sure answer will be pounced upon like a mouse in front of a hungry cat.

TO further stack the deck against Sarah Palin, yet another bias, left leaning, unprofessional moderator is being brought in. gwen Illif is without a doubt not fair, nor balanced in her professionalism. If you need proof, you tube her analysis of the DNC versus the RNC conventions. Clearly she blubbers and swoons over Obama and Democrats, yet on the Republicans she is dismissive and non observant.

Unfortunately even if Sarah Palin hits a grand slam back to back and pitches a no hitter. The only way Joe Biden will not be named as the winner of this debate, is for him to not show up. Even if he does stay home there will be many saying he still won.

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