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Wednesday, October 01, 2008 

Senate Sellout

Hopefully sometime today, some where, some one will be able to post the bill that the Senate is to vote on tonight. As of now I can not find any wording to this proposed bailout.

This is scary as the people spoke loud and clear to Congress and said No to bailout. What about the Senate though. What pork for liberal activists will be placed in to this one? How much more tax payer money will go to groups like ACORN or to NCLR. Two groups that are under investigation for voter fraud or should be investigated for subversive acts against this country.

Sen. Harry Reid is pushing for this, a clear red flag. Until they publish the bill completely for the people to see. We have a right to it as we are the ones paying for this bailout and supposedly credit crisis. A credit crisis that as time goes by is more of a scare tactic then reality. Do not forget that NCLR was awarded a grant for several million dollars.

Listening to FOX news this morning a rumor of no support from democrats do to tax cuts proposed may stop this bill. A clear sign that the Democratic party still does not understand that raising taxes on those who have already over extended themselves in order to keep up with the Jones. Is a very bad idea to increase their obligations.

Contact your Senator now. Find out what is in this bill and demand accountability.

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