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Tuesday, September 30, 2008 

Barney Franks spin on piss poor bailout

As more and more analysis comes in from the failed bailout bill. We have to look back at the finger pointing from the left. How they come out and simply lie and spin this debacle, placing it at the feet of the Republicans.

Barney Frank, the poster child for light in the loafers congressmen, claims it was defeated by those who had their feelings hurt. that the Republicans are now playing games and hurting the American people.

Well Barney, you are sooooooooo wrong on this and it looks to me it is your feelings that are hurt. As the truth comes out on you and Chris Dodd, we are learning how your piss poor leadership and inaction on this topic more then any thing helped create this mess.

Ninety plus of your fellow Democrats voted against this bill as well. It was not just defeated by Republicans (who voted as their constituents wanted, something you seem to have forgotten how to do). The people are the ones who took this bill down in flames.

In 2004 as this problem started to develop. Frank, Dodd, and other leading Dems said that Fannie and Freddie were not in any sort of problem, nor would there be a problem from them. Bad, bad, bad decisions were made in giving credit to those who had no business getting credit was made. Home loans are the base to this fact.

However the home loans is just a symptom of the problem. A socialist agenda is what is to blame. Putting those who can not or could not afford an over valued , over priced, cheaply built home. Using a loan that should never have been accepted by any one who read the small print.

I do not feel sorry in the least to this. If you are stupid enough to sign a interest only loan with balloon payments. Then you are not only gambling with your security but not very wise at all.

For years the lease and interest only B.S. has been pushed upon the general public. A way financing that is a very bad practice for the average person who is tight or lacks multiple millions of dollars. A fact that minorities and middle class America does not have.

Evidence is coming forth that the government encouraged Fannie and Freddie to make these loans. So I ask Barney and Frank where were you in this. Why did you not stop this practice? They will not answer as they were behind this socialist practice. Have to put everyone in a home regardless the cost. It was a plan that was set in motion years ago that came to fruition wrongly.

Barney Frank and his cohorts want to spin this and continue to get the help of the MSM on the spin. Lets blame Bush and his poor economic policies. Well this spin when looked at, turned around, fact checked holds no water. It is politics being played with this countries future.

As previously blogged our monetary system is backed by nothing other then the sweat off the working mans brow. A promise that Americans will work their backsides off to pay off debt acquired by the federal government.

Now Nancy Pelooza came out before the vote and ran her mouth on a subject she definitely has shown no leadership on. Leading the lowest approval rated congress in history, she wanted to play party politics. Supporting her with out hesitation was Barney Frank. Right on her heals, admiring her pumps, Frank spouted the same party line politics.

Shift the blame from where it belongs and add fuel to the BDS that is unjustly rampaging through out country. Blame Bush for stubbing your toe as you get out of bed in the morning.

A fact that Frank and his socialist friends want to ignore is this. They have the majority in House and in the Senate. They can push through almost anything they want , having the votes to do so. Yet with all their brilliant leadership (sarcasm), they failed to corral their own parties vote. Remember that 95 Democrats for what ever reason (looks like not enough give aways in the Bill) voted against this. If these Representatives had gone along party lines this bill would have easily passed and be in the senate now, or on its way for Bush to sign.

Barney Frank wants to ignore that the PEOPLE said no to this, much in the same way we said no to amnesty. The American people show hope in understanding national politics. The outcry of no bailout for those who cannot manage their funds.

Another fact that is being over looked by Frank and CO. is that this piss poor bill had loopholes in it that would allow people who have over extended themselves on credit cards walk away form this debt as well. Now this offends me deeply as I spent five years busting my backside to pay off debt. I learned the hard way and was held accountable and was responsible enough to pay these debts off. Will I be reimbursed? Hell no.

So as today gets under way. The fallout spin will heat up and the lies will be bolder and more misleading. Look for Frank and Pelosi along with Reid from the Senate to charge head first and spin in favor of Obama and his lack of initiative on the economy.

Barney Fran k is a master of diversion, he is a pro protection of fraud, waste and abuse, asking him where he was in the mess; Right in the middle egging it on. and so ASK:

Why did Congress pass jurisdictional bars to help crooks defraud the USA, and its accounts. (and get away). Oh, the same bunch Barney Frank who gave us the trillion $$$ meltdown holes in accounts, was at it, but why doesn't Congress look at how miffed the public is see below--as it passes the buck:


The Project On Government Oversight (POGO) Blog: DOJ in Doghouse Over Anti-Fraud Lawsuits Filed by Government Employees

The DOJ DC Bush Administration is for jurisdictional bars to favor crooks who rip off the USA. Congressman Conyers should be on notice of the sorry DOJ history on that given his latest letter to the DOJ AG, Michael Mukcasey in DC. A real Lincoln Law had no jurisdictional bars. Repeat none, NADA, not one provision on jurisdictional bars.
Despite a jury verdict on millions(against Kerr McGee and todate not a penny collected, & no money has yet been paid to the USA---that is because of the jurisdictional bars.(making the 1986 False Claims Act a protective measure for crooks). POGO SHOULD SEE that given how the DOJ toyed with it(Its trap doors in the things that went down in Texas, soem real oily things that went on--later pulled as DOJ v POGO)
Those(jurisdictional bars to favor crooks) were supported by subprime Congressman like Barney Frank, who is pro crook helper by his antics in Congress.(now of concern to so many in AMERICA).
Sadly, this is covered up in DC. Like a lot of things in the beltway
But, how much longer will some be able to fool the entire Congress and America, who is in no mood for pro crook protection ruses from some in Congress
So Conyers gets back some snotty letter from AG Mukasey to support Kerr McGee OIL, what else is new.(DOJ never intervened .ya like that has been known for years.)
One thing he (CONGRESS) could do(if it cares at all for America accountability) is move to amend the 1986 False Claims Act to eliminate every jurisdictional bar(that is now helping crooks who rip off the USA), and make that retroactive.(but Frank has impeded a real Lincoln law for years)
But, no ---for some time those pro crook protection measures are in the flawed 1986 FCA.
Like the Fannie Mae thing some in Congress were bought off--by large corporations who get billions out of the Uncle Sammy's coffers, and want crook protection measures(in the flawed 1986 FCA) as they kick back some PAC $$$$ to their favorite helpers in Congress
Strange how Barney Frank has been bought off to protect so many crooks, but maybe some rather not look at that, just like some let Fannie Mae drift until all unraveled to bring America to its knees( like a big depression at the door) on the fall out. Figures ,Fannie Mae had Janet Reno's DOJ side kick manipulating things over at Fannie Mae(in a top position), after she did he trips at the DOJ MAIN.
America is watching---- Barney Frank is on the radar of causing vast unaccountability, and so Kerr McGee--big OIL-- must be laughing its ass off how it can defraud the USA, and exploit jurisdictional bars, can't Congressman Conyers figure all that out ? Or do some in Congress like OIL company rip offs, after all, despite all their talk, yap yap yap...


Rep. Conyers demands answers in Justice's oil decision
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Story | U.S. inaction on oil royalties suit could have cost millions
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PDF | Final Letter from Mr Conyers to AG Mukasey
On the Web | Background stories on U.S. Attorneys
By Marisa Taylor and Greg Gordon | McClatchy Newspapers
WASHINGTON — The chairman of the House Judiciary Committee demanded Tuesday that the attorney general provide an "immediate explanation" for a Justice Department decision that could have cost taxpayers up to $40 million in royalties from a major oil company.

Michigan Democratic Rep. John Conyers' cited a McClatchy story Sept. 12 that detailed the department’s rejection of the Colorado U.S. attorney’s recommendation to intervene in a whistleblower’s suit against the Kerr-McGee Corp.

In a letter to Attorney General Michael Mukasey, Conyers said charges that politics might have played a part in a decision favoring a major oil company "must be taken seriously and thoroughly investigated." Conyers said he wanted to question the officials involved in the case and that he sought access to all related records.

Conyers also criticized the Justice Department’s "apparent inaction in the face of growing evidence of mismanagement and fraud in the Interior Department’s oil and gas marketing program."

Justice Department spokesman Peter Carr said the department "will review the letter from Chairman Conyers and respond, as appropriate," but he shed no further light on its decision in the whistleblower case.

In his letter, Conyers noted that the Interior Department’s inspector general was frustrated that the Justice Department had declined to prosecute two senior officials of the scandal-plagued Minerals Management Service, which oversees federal oil and gas leases.

Inspector General Earl Devaney was so displeased with the department's refusal, Conyers wrote, that he pulled his investigators off a department task force examining disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff's influence-peddling.

"I find it highly troubling that the Interior Department’s inspector general would feel compelled to take such an extraordinary step," Conyers said, echoing concerns expressed last week by Sens. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., and Ken Salazar, D-Colo.

Conyers said he found "troubling" McClatchy’s report that Justice Department officials in Washington had turned down a recommendation by Colorado U.S. Attorney Troy Eid and the chief of his office's civil division, Lisa Christian, to intervene in a suit filed by a former MMS auditor. The suit accused Kerr-McGee, which Houston-based Anadarko Petroleum Corp. purchased in 2006, of understating the proceeds of oil sales to hold down royalty fees paid to the government.

In January 2007, a federal jury ruled that Kerr-McGee owed $7.5 million to whistleblower Bobby Maxwell and the U.S. government, an award that’s tripled under the 1986 false claims act. Penalties also are added.

However, the trial judge questioned Maxwell's whistleblower status, putting the taxpayer recovery at risk. Earlier this month, a federal appeals court upheld Maxwell's status.

U.S. Attorney Eid told McClatchy that he didn't know who made the decision not to intervene in the suit or why. At the time, then-Attorney General Alberto Gonzales was besieged with allegations of politicization in hiring, firing and the handling of sensitive cases.

Whistleblower suits generally are less successful without the Justice Department's intervention, and if a whistleblower prevails on his own, taxpayers get a smaller share of the damages. MORE FROM MCCLATCHY

U.S. inaction on oil royalties suit could have cost millions

Official: Why weren't managers charged in oil-sex scandal?

It was Congress who passed the jurisdictional bars--to allow rip offs to enable large oil companies to not be held accountable so have to ever pay---despite jury verdicts in Colorado etc.......

Doesn't Conyers have a clue.. Conyeers , Barney Frank, and the subprime crew.

So, where is AG Mucky of the Bush Admin, in his response to Conyers, and Frank. AWOL, just about to shut the door, and leave, Adious
Congress set up the jurisdictional bars to favor oil companies, so they could avoid jury verdicts.
Just more subprime ruses from the DEM Congress, running favors for crooks, cons, and corporations who see USA accounts as some target for milking.
Same odl same old.
They(DEM CONGRESS) must think the USA public is too dense to figure out their DC shell games.

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