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Tuesday, September 30, 2008 

Rep. Alcee Hastings fiegns regret

Alcee Hastings has found the heat of the kitchen just a little to hot for his liberal race baiting. After making one of the stupidest statements of the year, ("anybody toting guns and stripping moose don't care too much about what they do with Jews and blacks."). Now is saying he regrets his poor choice of words.

Seeking acceptance of his fake apology to Gov. Sarah Palin, he does not deny his statement of hidden racism. Instead he just calls it a poor choice of words. In his statement Monday, Hastings said he still backed the sentiment behind his initial remarks. "The point I made, and will continue to make, is that the policies and priorities of a McCain-Palin administration would be anathema to most African Americans and Jews," continuing he said "I regret that I was not clearer and apologize to Governor Palin, my host where I was speaking, and those who my comments may have offended."

Oh, ok Alcee. Your lack of sincerity is not lost. Notice how he stood by his racist rant of Conservatives do not care about others.

The backlash Hastings suffered and heat form those who recognised his lies, innuendo and B.S. forced someone to advise him to make his statements of fake regret. There is no doubt he does not believe in his own apology but wants to curry favor with those he is trying to spin.

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