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Sunday, December 21, 2008 

Letter to the Denver Broncos

Normally this blog is for the most part is political but I have to say this to my Denver Donkeys.

Dear Broncos,

Though there may be 10 minutes left in your game against the Buffalo Bills, your season is over. It was exciting at first but as the season drug on it became embarrassing. Your lack of heart and ability to produce and finish a game is shameful.

Do not go to the airport, do not get on that plane. Do not even think about going to San Diego or suiting up for the last game of the season it is over.

You are professionals yet you play like a mediocre high school team. Mike Shannahan is to nice to you all. I would have most of your paychecks in an account right now. The poor tackling, poor performance by all is .... i can't find the words for how disappointing it is.

At times this year you have shown such talent then turn around and go home early. I just do not understand you.

End the season, go home and think about your play this year. Find some heart. Reach down deep and adjust. Then come back next year and ready to play. With your heads on tight and straight.

Good luck in the play offs San Diego.

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