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Wednesday, December 03, 2008 

60 Senator majority a farce

The news is highlighted with no majority for the democrats. As Saxby Chambliss wins his reelection bid there is no need for celebration by the republicans. The democrats had never worried about not getting their way to force through legislation that is not only detrimental to this nation. Disassembles the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Emboldens socialist ideology and the hate America First crowd. There are still way to many RINO's in office that are more then willing to jump onto the shirt tails of the failing Democratic party and socialist leaders in office now.

Once again we see that the MSM media is pushing a propaganda agenda for the left in this country who share their beds with those who hate what this country has stood for and done. With a socialist fraud like Obama and his subversive socialist cabinet, a Socialist congress lead by a buffoon like Pelosi and the Senate lead by incompetence of Harry Reid. What in the world do the liberals have to worry about?

States across this country have fallen victim as well to the liberal left with their political makeup. This country wanted change. They clung to hope of a prosperous future. What they got was the tired retread of failed policy makers who are now further entrenched into policy making. Policies that started with Carter and his failed Presidency. Socialist redistribution of wealth, and lies, more lies.

When the youth of this country wakes up to reality and realises what they have done, the huge bill that will come due that they think they are getting by on. When they see how empty their pockets are and the realization that if they work hard they will be fiscally punished, all the while they go broke. When they realise that it was the left who have STOLEN their Constitutional rights and freedoms. Maybe then and only then will they see that there was never any jeopardy to the left by not achieving their 60 seat majority.

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