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Monday, December 08, 2008 

Socialist Rejoice Auto Bailout is here

Socialist unite and rejoice as Christmas comes early this year for them. As congress gets ready to announce an auto bailout plan for the big three. What does the plan include. Well as for the last thirty years more government control and dictatorship of the Free market.

Sen. Chris Dodd along with other in Washington D.C. call for the removal of executives in the auto industry, a reduction in the pay for CEO's and more mandated regulations that will determine with out market approval what will be available for purchase.

Socialist should be ecstatic at hearing this. It moves the American way of life further from a capitalistic society to a socialist agenda. As with this bailout the government will now determine more so what is good for us the citizen and the consumer over what we as independent free people think and want.

For years the auto industry has been hampered by self righteous ecofriendly laws that have hurt and hindered not only fuel efficiency but made for the rise and dependency on foreign oil and fuel for this country. With the addition of components onto engines that hamper the fuel mileage performance, raised the price in manufacturing, and produced less consumer friendly market. The government wants to now go after and punish only one aspect of the problem in Detroit. The "evil" corporate leaders. Instead of turning any attention to the ridicules restrictions placed o the auto manufactures by government , or looking at the stranglehold that the corrupt unions have placed on the companies. Congress wants to continue to propagandise how bad business is in a free market and promote government control over it. A large step in the direction of socialism.

This auto bailout should scare the hell out of any one who supports a free market system, or any one who supports freedom in fact. As this starts the trend into government intrusion and more government control of our lives.

Restrictions have prevented or made in fact the expansion and building of new manufacturing plants not viable or profitable. Thus limiting the selection of automobiles when it comes to certain aspects like motors, alternative fuels, and overall selection. The government has let certain groups dictate the market from their leftist perspective. By doing this , the government itself is more responsible for the failing industry then the CEO's are.

By allowing the strong arm tactics of greedy unions to dictate salary conditions for those who are not working without any common sense in the application of these salaries has lead to the increase in price of automobiles. Why in the HELL should the American Taxpayer have their money go and pay for union members who are capable of working to sit and collect full pay and bennies for not working? Millions of dollars a week go to these union member to not work.

Yet instead of congress saying or looking into this they want to ignore it as the unions are big contributors to elected democrat campaigns. It is a political payback for favors in voter coercion. Turn their eyes from a real problem and again scandalise the corporation and not look at corrupt unions.

This auto bailout is nothing more then a move to socialism and another way to screw the American Taxpayer.

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