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Tuesday, December 16, 2008 

The Shoe

By now every one must have heard about the moron from Egypt who took his smelly shoes off and threw them at the President of the United States George Bush. How he called the President a dog and and is being heralded by the Islamic world as some kind of hero.

But then again what can one expect from a group of ungrateful goat herders who think a PEDOPHILE is a religious profit. Where a man who marries a nine year old and has children, a lover of young boys is touched with holy wisdom. This is what you get from those in the middle east who follow such a leader.

When Americans shed their sweat, blood and life to liberate them. Give them a chance at true hope and change. An opportunity at liberty and freedom. This is the thanks we get. Some camel dung salesman who would throw his ungrateful shoe. He in reality should have kissed President Bushes feet and all Americans for giving him the freedom to act idiotically and stupid.

The left in this country are all a flutter with admiration themselves for this person. With such BDS that they have they too fail to realise how good their life truly is. Although you can line up volumes of facts and figures. Hard disc space with truth about how this current administration has saved time and time again this country from terrorism. How America as a nation has done more for, accomplished more, and improved more this world then any other in history. The left and the zelots from Mt. Pedophilla in Mecca and Messina will ignore.

It is incedents like this that one really sits back and wonders why we as a country even bother to help out these ungrateful people. Why we let them run around and smear our good name to advance their oppresive ways. One wonders how these people even function on an hourly let alone daily basis while they live in lala land.

Once again here is the video of the shoe:

If this is the thanks we as a country are going to get, and be treated like. Maybe we should tell the rest of the world to fend for themselves.

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