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Saturday, December 13, 2008 

Bottom line on Auto Bailout

Lets cut to the chase and hit the bottom line on this debacle we are calling a bailout for the auto industry. It is far from saving any corporation or preserving the "American" manufacture.

If you were listening and following some of the commentary from our lustrous elected Barney "lit in the loafers" Frank. Frank made this big to do about helping people. that this bailout is for the people and not the company. Well once again the loose lips of these pompous S.O.B. liberals , drunk with power is wonderful. they can not keep their mouths shut.

Yes this is about the people. Specifically the people in the union higher Archy that has bought and paid for the elected representation now in office. Any economist worth any thing will tell you that the best thing for the auto industry would be to file for bankruptcy. Instead we have socialist and liberals wanting , even fighting over who will give money to the unions first. Why? In order to pay back the support in getting them elected into office.

Notice how all the stories, yes stories, lies and miss truths from the union since the Senate voted down the proposal have been questioning and spinning the case that Republicans, and conservative blue dogs alike. Are trying to hurt the little man.

This is one of the biggest lies of the year. Next to Obama's change and hope lies. The union , more specific the United Auto Workers union refuses to make any effort to aid in the preservation of the hand that feeds them. Seeing that they have robbed the cubberd and now want to further their reach by robbing the American tax payer.

For years the union has worked to force complete complicity from the companies. More pay, less work, basic extortion with the threat of stop work and a public relations campaign to hurt the company. Well guess what. The American is finally waking up to the fact that this is what is going on and is getting fed up with it. Why, well it is hitting our pocket book much harder then before.

It is unfortunate that this is what it has taken for the tax payer to wake up and start to move. We as a Representative Republic must get more active in how are money is being spent and given to. If we continue to allow these extortionist to feed freely from food trough the problem will never get solved.

Allow the auto industry to file bankruptcy. Let them reorganise and then move forward. The lies of it will cost hundreds of thousands of jobs is a lie. People may sit idle for a couple months but the jobs will come right back as the corporations reopen and move forward. As to all the others who support the auto industry. Checkers, Auto Zone will not close down. What a joke to say it will. manufactures of after market parts will not close down. The demand will still be there for these parts as people will still want to pimp out their cars, get them fixed after an accident, etc.

Write your Senator and Congressman. Tell them to get their head out of the unions back side and do the right thing. This bailout/payoff has to be stopped.

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