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Friday, December 26, 2008 

Liberalism is a Disability

Liberalism as described by Micheal Savage is a mental disorder. he is correct but it goes further then that. those who are liberal are disabled and severely mentally handicapped. no not challenged, but mentally handicapped. In other words ... RETARDED.

It is amazing at the self righteous, unrelenting hypocrisy that a liberal will spew forth in an argument that they are dead wrong with. When confronted with facts, documentation and all else that proves how wrong they are the old liberal stand by of "well it is taken out of context, you're a racist, you are a kool aid drinker. You don't get your facts from reputable sources." It all comes out. Why? Why do liberals do this? DO they not understand it makes them look and sound even more ignorant then they already are.

Then if you use what they call a reputable source like ABC, CBS, CNN, or any of their outlets of choice. All of a sudden these sources are not credible either. Now isn't that a kick in the shorts. Their own sources are not reliable. Well duuuuuughghhh! We all know that but they will not allow you to use any source like say FOX news. Or even a credible web source like the Drudge report.

The next two years are going to be very long. As we are inundated with these egomaniacs of the left. Their complete intolerance of those who do not agree with them is going to lead to some very severe confrontations. As they want to not only dictate are way of life from what we eat to what we will be allowed to drive. They want to dictate are values as well. Telling us that we are to self indulgent and the fact we like to spend are HARD EARNED MONEY how we see fit bothers them.

It bothers them that we believe in a hand up not a hand out. Yet they definitely believe in reaching into our pockets to provide money for welfare programs that they want to fund. How come they never pony up their funds. It is always everyone else who has to pony up for their failed policies and plans.

This disability is not only going to ruin our country and way of life. It will do more to divide families then the real reason the Civil war was fought. Yes that is correct. The real reason that there was a civil war was State versus Federal Rights. Who had authority over commerce and interstate trade. The slavery issue, sorry to break it to you liberals was a secondary thought and didn't become a real issue till the end of the war. This is FACT not fiction or racist thought.

Liberals are not only going to drag this country done with their denial of the truth but with their bending over backwards with FALSE white guilt over things they had nothing to do with. The kowtowing to how the rest of the world does things and believing it is better. Here is a question for you. If it is so much better then why do some many still want to come to America and live, or copy our way of life? Socialism is an experiment that lasted too long and failed too many times to try again.

Liberals actually believe that the best way to jump start the economy is to raise not only taxes but the price of things. Yeah this is brilliant. When people have less money in their pocket they do not spend, sorry that is fact not fiction. But to a liberal it does not make any sense. you have to tax and take more money from people. It makes the economy work.

Liberals are not only a danger to themselves fiscally , but socially as well. the lack of family values and any common sense is scary. Liberals really need help. Not just in their daily life but therapy as well. They are the ones who need to be reeducated and brought back to reality. We need to put little placards on their homes and cars that say " I am a liberal and I am mentally unstable."

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