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Wednesday, December 24, 2008 

Obama's Femine picture

What is wrong with the news today. The to do about a picture of Presidential elect Obama with out a shirt on. My gawd, who ever airbrushed it should be fired. I cannot believe all the the hype over a lack luster physic.

I hate to break the news to all you who are fawning over the latest in propaganda and hype for a man who fakes everything from his promises of change ( all former failed Clinton or Carter administrators to the keeping of Bushes war machine members who failed to execute a true winning strategy by kowtowing to political correctness in the execution of going after our enemies). barracks picture is fake looking and makes him look awful. he would have been better off wearing a wife beater shirt and holding one of his Kool cigarettes.

His chest is about as masculine as that of a man who has had liposuction and is in the stages of tuck surgery.

So here a little music for those who swoon with Obama mania.

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