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Thursday, February 26, 2009 

Did any one listen??

President Obama gave a pep speech this morning on his upcoming spending budget. There is no other word for it except another spending. There are many fiscal questions to this budget. Like how in the world does he expect it to really be paid for? The rich are not going to end up paying for it. he knows that. That is why I ask did anyone listen. I also ask has anyone read this travesty of hypocrisy. No earmarks or wasteful programs. Give me an mother loving break here.

You may have turned the television or the radio up, but did you actually listen to what President Obama said? he plans to end tax breaks for corporations that out source jobs overseas. Hey that sounds great, but he refuses to lower the tax on corporations. So what he said was ... If you are an American business. I require you to pay more in taxes, and create jobs. This is dictatorship and hampering of economic growth.

President Obama has also thrown out the old cap and trade plan where if he cuts one tax he must increase another. did you hear that. Cut one but raise another. This is to maintain the same amount of money coming into the budget. There is no reduction with this. None what so ever. So where is the reduction in government spending? It is not there.

The loophole in this is defense and military spending. For decades the liberals have pushed and tried to reduce the military at every turn. So if they are hampered in any way they do not care.
Now pay attention here. When the military budget gets cut there will be an increase in the health care system A system of socialising and removing health care that works for a system that will not.

The new taxes that are coming up, .62 cents per pack of smokes, increase in utilities fees. The $13 dollar a week in wages that Obama has so graciously given us does not begin to cover the amount per week we will now have to spend. Are you listening to him. Check Spelling

President Obama and the liberal establishment has sold the American worker into indentured servitude.

The increase in work visas for immigrants is increased. A promotion to business to hire workers at lower wages then needed. Every thing he says is 180 degrees from what he is implementing. Are you listening America?

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