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Wednesday, February 18, 2009 

Is it time for a Revolution?

In 1773, the British Parliament passed the Tea Act, which gave the English East India Company a chance to avert bankruptcy by granting a monopoly on the importation of tea into the colonies. These new regulations allowed the company to sell tea to the colonists at a low price, lower than the price of smuggled tea, even including the required duty. The British reasoned that the Americans would willingly pay the tax if they were able to pay a low price for the tea. Thus they subsidised the Tea company to form this monopoly.

Does this sound familiar with today's situation in the private sector concerning auto manufactures, the housing industry?

On November 28 the Dartmouth arrived in Boston harbor with a cargo of Darjeeling tea. Samuel Adams and other radicals were determined that the cargo would not be landed in the city. His mobs roamed the streets in the evenings, threatening violence if challenged by the authorities. Governor Thomas Hutchinson was equally belligerent and vowed not to capitulate in the face of public opposition as had happened in other colonies.

Insert stimulus bill for tea and change Samuel Adams for any fiscally responsible conservative here. Sounding more familiar when applied to public opinion about the stimulus bill. Although we do not have angry mobs roaming the streets presently. We do have responsible parties such as talk radio, most economist, and those who have been responsible with their private fiances being vocal about the heavy handed Democrats pushing their agenda upon us.

Now that this porkulus has been signed. We are getting anywhere from 8 to 12 dollars more a week in our paychecks. However on the other side of this we will spend any where from 20m to thirty dollars more a week because of new state and local proposed taxes. Also there will be an increase in basic fuel charges. As Obama has refused to allow the Bush administrations removal of off shore drilling ban to stay enacted. A jump immediately of 20 cents to the cost per gallon was seen.

So did we really get immediate relief from the signing of this porkulus? No in the least. In fact we have been screwed.

So this brings us to the title of this blog. Is it time for a revolution. Well an armed resistance with shooting in the streets is not what is called for. But a call for resistance to these increases in government spending, welfare increase, and fiscally irresponsible plans is called for.

We know that it was poor business decisions that put us in this mess. Poor decisions that the government policies set forth and pushed upon banking institutes by Representatives like Barney Frank and Chris Dodd brought o this debacle.

A lack of personal responsibility and keeping up with the Jones was the major factor here. By jumping into stupid financial obligations that one could not afford was an issue here.

So how did the government respond. They increased and rewarded those who are out of work, lack the means to pay for their obligations, and punish those who have all along been responsible. Put in other terms it was hey we are the government and we will get it for you.

Basic sound economic policies have been thrown out the window in favor of a socialist approach. An approach that takes the private out of the private sector. When the government steps in and loans or buys financial obligations it is a take over and responsibility is removed from the equation. In other words the obligation of risk is removed.

SO how do we fight back against this intrusion of socialism into our lives. How do we stop the rewarding of those who do not produce or contribute to a healthy society? Well we become even more responsible.

The first thing we do is get rid of those credit cards. It was credit that snowballed into this debacle. You either have the cash for it or you don't. If you do not then you do not buy. We tighten our belts up in the civilian sector and stop looking to government to take care of us.

We think before we shop and purchase. We go to retailers that do good business. Ones like Wal Mart that have the customer first before profit. Learn how to get buy with less. This is the biggest blow to big government. When the populace demonstrates that it does not need big brother.

You do not allow government to bully us. Businesses must get money up front on contracts with local , state , and federal agencies. Think about it. In the private sector a smart business man gets the cost of his expenses paid for before he does the job. You never take a job on account. You risk having the funds suddenly disappear and you never get paid. A cash basis is now a must. No more credit or revolving accounts.

Civil discourse, rallies opposing the new spending programs. Get involved in community organizations that are vocal and oppose these projects that do nothing at all.

The most important thing to do is to vote. Vote for true hope and change. Vote for responsibility in the legislature. Make your voice heard.

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