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Tuesday, February 17, 2009 

Free Press for Green Socialist Company (Obama Sign Indentured Sevitude)

While President Obama draws out the drama and makes all the liberals drool over anticipation of the biggest pork bill in history. One has to take a look at the company chosen, and the company CEO that spread it thick and deep for the press conference in Denver for the Porkulus bill.

The company is called Namaste Solar, and the President of the Company is a former disgruntled haliburton/oil man. A little back ground on the sound business management of this company. It should provide an inside as to how liberals think corporate America needs to be run.

Namaste Solar is a 45 employee owned company. Based in the Peoples Republic of Boulder, they make decisions, according to The Daily Green, a environmental earth friendly web site, by a "decisions by consensus and a culture of openness and honesty". They also donate generously to nonprofits.

Blake Jones, the main founder and Ceo/president of this company did an interview with Lime. (Lime is a green healthy living with a slant to mother earth being the savior of all type or magazine). Reading the interview one sees the left leaning of Blake and how he views oil, oil companies, politics, and America. Blaming America as the worlds leading polluter. Something that is sooooo false considering he was in part of the world where a brown cloud day would be a change for the better. He notes that America must change their way if the world is to change their way and move from being polluters to living peacefully and in harmony with nature.

The company is four years old and will benefit tremendously under this pork bills green incentives. By being an "alternative energy company", they now under this bill will qualify for massive loans and grants under the departments of energy, commerce labor, and the department of education. Thus making the realisation of expansion much easier and quicker for this single company. A company that has a corner on one fourth of the Colorado market and an inside track with the state government. Telling these different departments of the government that they want to create jobs and expand in the "alternative energy" industry, qualifying for grants and loans will be easy. It is a liberals dream.


With Billions ear marked exclusively to the green movement. Small environmental companies like this will profit from tax dollars over other traditional companies in getting any assistance for expansion.

Namaste bases a lot of their sales success on the myths perpetrated by the global warming crowd. A crowd that is essential to the politics in Boulder and creeping its way into Colorado State policies. By exploiting these myths and capitalising upon governments increase in fees on traditional methods of energy. An unfair market is being created. One in which this company will surely pounce on. Why not take it while you can. Especially if the government is going to show you favoritism. Something that looks to be the case here. As this company already has an inside track to the Colorado government with its past contracts in solar energy panels.

Although they seem to follow through on customer service, one would have to step back and wonder on their internal management. If they base decisions on polls of the employees and a vote to determine what they should do. Then just how long will they stay in business when politics starts to differ and money does not flow equally.

So far this company has technically not done anything unethical or illegal. However it does seem rather funny that with the political leanings of the founder and president of this company getting to speak before President Obama basically made all American working citizens into slaves for his over priced spending plan. One would not have to stretch to connect the left sided dots to see how this is just another step to control the way we live and force the lefts agenda upon us.

Some basic facts about this progressive (socialist) company:
1) All employees are paid the same (does this also include the CEO/founder?)
2) A portion of each person's salary goes to charity 3) All company decisions are made by all
4) Everyone gets 6 wks vacation (sounds good)

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