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Sunday, February 22, 2009 

Obama talks Stocks fall

A while back I said that the stock market would drop down to a possible low of 4500. In retrospect maybe only down to 55oo now that I look at things. However one cannot deny that the market drops every time President Obama and his administration start talking to the people about their plans.

In the last two weeks it has dropped almost 1000 points. This is something that the left is trying but can not convince anyone of it being President Bush's fault. This recent loss is all President Obama and his alone.

The lie of he had nothing to do with the writing of the stimulus is something else. He was behind all the major ideals of this porkulus appropriations. The lefts agenda is to take over this country, reward those who don't with what those who do have.

I digress and am leaving the point of this blog. What I am looking at is how far will the stock market now drop with President Obama's speech Monday. Then how much further will it go as the hypocritical fiscal responsible summit is going on. This should irk all Americans as fiscal responsibility is something one can not associate with the Obama Administration, or the current House and Senate.

These three reckless bodies of our government our proposing to increase spending at the expense of the achievers all the while rewarding those who refuse to do anything and expect handouts for it.

Now I do not mean to toot my own horn here but I will say this. I blogged a day prior then others about Namaste Solar, the connections of the Boston Tea Party, and a full week on the comparison of Adolf Hitler and the similarities to Obama. Don't believe me look into my achieves and then check date time stamps.

Now about the market and my predictions in relation to the current hypocrisy of the Obama administration. Connect the dots here. Easy to find on a google search, ask Jeeves, or what ever other search engine you want to use.

The market drops an average of 100 points every time an announcements made in relation to the economy by the geniuses in Washington. The ones who got us into this mess are the same ones Obama is listening to, to get us out of this recession. One that is being worsened with poor policies.

Now I am no economist. What I am is a common man. One who runs a small business. I have served in our military, worked most aspects of construction. I have also run several small businesses that did not make it.

My formal education pretty much ended with a high school education. However that did not stop me from learning. Trial and error. Some correspondence courses on certain subjects pertaining to my interests. A few minor business economic classes and business basics. A rather simple approach to how things work from the point of view of having to do it.

Now allot of the selling off of stocks is not do to a poor economy but a response to poor management practices. Something that is not being discussed is the massive withdrawal of monies form the American economy back in September of 2008. This as it turns out may be the main cause to the down turn in the capital assets of the banking and credit problems we face.

Now there is now solid evidence as to this but I would place money on the fact that George Sorros is behind this. He has done this in the past to the Asian market and tried it on the European markets. Now we all know that while enjoying the benefits of a capitalist free market system this man hates to see others be rewarded for their work. He is a prime example of the old reality of socialism and communism as applied to human nature. Keep all you can while making others share.

Sorros is behind many of the false hoods of this being the worst recession and possible depression since the Great Depression of the 30's. A quick look at unaltered history books shows that Ronald Regan inherited a much worse economy then this from Jimmy Carters failed economic policies in the 70's. A much higher inflation rate, higher unemployment, and a higher cost for energy (that is in related values to the times. A 70 dollar versus an 2009 dollar value).

Now the President will speak and tell us we face hard times ahead , but that he has a plan. Well his plan has been leaked and it promises hard times ahead. Not only economically but as a nation as well. President Obama capitulates to our enemies on all fronts, domestically and foreign. The market will not look favorable on this.

If we are entering such a dire financial time then why raise taxes? This is absurd! You raise taxes ON businesses and they inevitably pass it on to the consumer. Te consumer then readjusts his priorities on what they purchase. Causing a slowdown and even a halt in economic growth. this is fact not fiction or theory. When the consumer stops consuming, production slows and stops. This in turn lowers revenue in the form of sales tax. Thus creating problems on the local and state levels.

Corporations along with the small business man look to take their companies elsewhere. Someplace that they can turn a profit. When the government dictates the market and how it operates. The market fails. A note from history, a fact that is as real as the sun coming up in the east every morning.

The response from the market will be a drop of 200 to 300 points. That is my prediction.

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