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Thursday, February 26, 2009 

Why Obama needs Biden

I was reading Rush Limbaugh's analysis of Joe Biden and the criticism of the Vice President. How Bidens family is tied into the Stanford 8 billion theft and possible connections along with scandal that could or could not be there. At first, when I had heard and read the connection first. My thoughts were well here is how the Obama crowd gets ride of the gaffe master.

Lets face facts. Joe Biden is an embarrassment. Not only a joke as a U.S. Senator with a dismal record. Wrong on foreign policy and wrong on domestic planning. The only thing that Joe Biden has gotten right in the last thirty years is to cash his paychecks on time. Biden was hand picked by liberals, for liberals in order to give some sort of creditability to the most inexperienced candidate ever to run for and win office.

Being not only the king of gaffes, the Vice President has come out and been contrary in support for President Obama's policies and administration choices. The Obama campaign has pushed him time and again into a closet in order to keep his mouth from swallowing his foot. So why should Obama now need Joe Biden as a Vice President? The opportunity is prime to ask him to step down. Corporate greed and theft of investment monies. The public would eat this up as a good will gesture on Obama's part. A sign of leadership in the form of combating corporate corruption that runs rampant in the democratic party.

With reelection committees and election committees being formed for not only the 2010 cycle but for the Presidential election of 2012 (my God can they not give us a break). Obama and his cronies are setting Biden up for all the blame when this porkulus fails miserably. By shifting the oversight and administration leadership of this faux stimulus to the Vice President . Obama absolves himself and creates a buffer to protect himself when he runs for a second term.

Obama has clearly demonstrated that he will not take responsibility or credit for anything he has done or said. That he can stand in front of the camera with the aid of his pals in the MSM to spin his words, and lie unabashed to the American people.

SO when it comes time to spin the dismal economy and failed policies of the first four failed years to his Carter regurgitated administration. He has someone to shift all the blame to. Joe Biden will become the major fall guy in the lefts march to destroy America. This is why any shame or connection to SCC violations and monetary gains that Vice President Joe Biden may have received from the Stanford scam will be overlooked. Just like all the scandals in the Democratic party will be overlooked. Like not paying taxes. Accepting bribes and kickbacks. Campaign fraud and fund raising violations.

Obama needs Joe Biden to hang around and accept the blame as a fall guy in four years.

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