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Tuesday, July 28, 2009 

Bill Maher may be right

This is one time when I may have to agree with the moron Bill Maher. When Billy boy says that this country is stupid. Well I do have to agree to a degree with that statement. However let me clarify. Bill says it for the clearly wrong reasons. He calls America and Americans stupid because we do not bow down to the socialist ideas. That some of us still hold that common sense is a gift that needs to be shared and used. That some of us believe that hard work, mixed with a little sweat, tears, and blood brings a satisfying sense of accomplishment to our achievements.

Bill thinks that we are stupid because we believe that reward comes from hard work and self reliance, not being handed to you by someone. That you have to earn respect and that it is not a right.

Well Bill is right we as a country may very well be stupid. For decades now we have been educationally cheated by the liberals in order to punish us for learning on a curve higher then the rest of the world. This in tern has lead to a at least two generations who think , have been taught that they are entitled to things that the rest of us have had to earn. The fact we may be stupid can easily be argued by those we have in elected office. Just look at what they have done to this great nation in under six months.

As more and more shift their beliefs into the entitlement base. We do see that stupidity is running rapid in this nation. As long as we elect more and more progressive liberal socialist. Then Bill Maher is correct.

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