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Friday, July 17, 2009 

Cheyenne Cherry,a very sick kid: mentally

Is this a female serial killer in the making? A young female named Cheyenne Cherry will be behind bars for a year in the May 6 killing of tiny Tiger Lily. Who or what is Tiger Lily you ask.
Tiger Lily is the little kitty in the picture. So why is Cherry going to be in jail for a year. After finding out what she did a year is too good for this little psychopath.
Tiger Lily was left to die inside the blistering 500-degree oven. After her arrest, Cherry told police the cat killing was "just a joke."

In court Wednesday, Cherry admitted to Judge Margaret Clancy that the younger girl put the cat in the oven - and "I didn't let the cat out."

The pair fled the apartment because they didn't want to hear the dying cat's cries or desperate scratching at the oven door, authorities said.
Now young Cherry is not new to trouble with the law. Her criminal record includes the use of a BB gun to dog-nap a teacup Yorkie with her boyfriend. She was also arrested for robbing a man of his iPod at gunpoint.
So why do I think that she may be a serial killer in the making? Well studies have shown that most serial and deprived murderers have started out young like Cherry and been involved with cruelty to animals. This young mentally disturbed lady has shown no remorse for her actions.
As she left the court house in Brooklyn New York she was confronted by a group of animal rights activists. Here she is quoted as telling one protester "it's dead bitch".
Now I do not support much of the PETA and other animal rights crowd. I think as the top of the food chain it is our responsibility to manage and take care of this planet which includes animal life. In this case though I support putting this young girl in a room of extreme animal rights activists, locking the door, and leaving them all alone for say ten minutes.
For the record I have a cat and a dog. I grew up with both in the home. What happened to little Tiger Lily has no excuse or defense. Cheyenne Cherry was depraved, cruel, monstrous, and down right disgusting in what she did.

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