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Monday, July 20, 2009 

Why the pundits need to be fired!

I do not know about you but I for one am sick and tired of this B.S. line of "the health care system is broken". I defy any of these so called political pundits, be they on the right or on the left to show me exactly where the health care system is busted.

If you are hurt or sick there is not a medical clinic, hospital, or emergency room that will deny you care. Not any where in the United States, coast to coast or in Alaska or Hawaii. You will get medical treatment/health care. That is the law and just for giggles most doctors and nurses take that hypo oath some what seriously.

So when these pundits spew the tired old line of a broken system, maybe they need to be a little more clear as to what they are referring to. Oh like say ---- THE INSURANCE COMPANIES AND THEIR STRANGLE HOLD ON SERVICES THAT THEY WILL ALLOW. Now that is what is broken and needs to be fixed.

However to fix this aspect we would have to overhaul the largest and most powerful lobbyist in Washington D.C. This will not happen. They (insurance companies) presently hold to big of a position in the inner circle of Washington bureaucracy.

If pundits and so called journalist want to do a report on the problems with health care. It is in an insurance office that they need to begin. They won't do this because it is to easy to sneak up on a doctors office or a clinic and pretend to be an injured or sick person then ambush the medical staff.

The insurance companies are the problem seeing how it is they who deny certain procedures and tests that can save a life of aid a person. They deny it in the name of PROFITS. If a procedure of test may cost a little they will not allow it for it cuts into their bottom line margin. This is why we cannot allow the government to take control of the health care industry. More bureaucrats and red tape. This will not aid in stream lining the system but hinder it and make it more of a mess then it already is. It is a mess because the Insurance companies hire those without the training and knowledge of medicine to oversee and approve medical procedure.

This is why the system is in trouble. Not because of the care we are getting but because of the care we are being denied by the insurance companies and the bureaucrats.

SO the next time Bill O'Rielly, or the Daily Kos opens their mouths and pushes the propaganda of a broken system. Think about it for a minute. Honestly look at the care you are getting versus the care you are denied and then tell me who is the problem. The medical profession or the Insurance debacle running the show.

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