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Monday, September 21, 2009 

Obama: Incompetent, Liar or Both

I am only going to deal with two key issues, despite the fact that we could easily spends hours pointing out the misrepresentations and spin from President Obama. The two issues are simple, ACORN, and Obama's lack of knowledge about government funding for them. The second is the War in Afghanistan.

Let's look at the war first. President Obama is hem hawing on sending more troops to the region on the basis that there is no clear policy for the war. Hey Mr. President how about winning. That sounds like a good strategy to me. If the Generals on the ground say they need supplies (beans , bullets, band aids, and man power) I think that they have a pretty good idea of what is happening. Yet We have a president who campaigned on the fact he was going to move the war to Afghanistan. Find Osama Bin Laden, and win the war on terror. Then just a little over 5 months ago our President wannabe said he had a strategy to win in Afghanistan. Yet all of a sudden we now need a policy and goals?

SO for all those who believed in Obama's campaign and foreign policies you must ask yourselves did he lie about having a strategy during the campaign. Did he lie in March about having a winning strategy then too. Or is his true nature of not having a clue about the world coming to light and showing in his lack of any ability to demonstrate leadership in a time of crisis.

Now lets look at what must clearly be a lie. Obama's lack of so called information as to the government funds that ACORN receives. While Barrack was a Senator he fought for and saw that ACORN was given federal funds in the tune of MILLIONS of dollars. Now before he was a U.S. Senator as a community activist for ACORN and their lawyer. He not only was knowledgeable of what they were doing but how they were doing it and why they were doing it. For this man to actually think anyone would believe that he is unaware as to what is going on in an organization he helped run and fund is ridiculous.

The man, a LEGAL advisor to this questionable organization. He must be completely incompetent then as a lawyer to not understand what was happening. So again the question must be asked . How incompetent is Obama and how much of what he says a LIE.

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