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Tuesday, September 22, 2009 

Today Obama at the United Nations

Well President Obama will address the U.N. general Assembly later this morning. the question is what will he say. Or should it be rephrased as to what will he lie about and who will he sell out this time besides the country that elected him to the most powerful office in the world.

So far what has he done. he has sold out Democracy in Honduras. He has sold out Poland and other Eastern European countries who want to be friends and allies to the United States. The removal of defense systems that would not only protect them but give the United States a better early warning system to attack.

Obama has clearly told Israel that we do not support them unless the submit to Palestinian rule and oppression. As a matter of fact one of his foreign political adviser's thinks we should prevent Israel from protecting themselves from and aggressive attack and threat from the thugs in Iran.Although it was phrased a little different the message was clear. Shoot down any Israeli planes that attempt to fly over Iraq.

Obama has insulted the Jewish community around the world by lecturing them on the Jewish New Year and then praising Islam on the same day in the same breath. Telling the Jews we have to be tolerant while the Muslims murder them. Then praising the false religion of peace and lieing about how they are progressive in nature while keeping women oppressed and their sphere of influence locked in the 10Th century.

So just exactly will this man say to the United Nations? He has sold out our own country by the simple lack of any leadership ability on his part . Not to mention how he is trying his best to dismantle our military and his lack of support for them. Just what is he going to say? What is left for him to say except "World we are no longer the United States but a submissive land of sheep for you to dominate."

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