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Thursday, October 15, 2009 

The DOW at 10,000, so what

So the DOW has reached the 10,000 mark again. Is this significant? No not really. Does this show that the economy is improving? Nope, not even close to it. Many say that this is a sure sign that the stimulus is working, but how can it be when we are over 10% by unemployment filing records. A short count on the real number of unemployed, which is closer to 17%. Is the American family seeing their saving s increasing? No it is going down while the so called inflation remains stagnant. A falsehood as anyone who does their own shopping sees on the receipt at the store.

More taxes in the works coming from our ever wise spend thrift elected socialist in office. Businesses are not hiring , small businesses are in cutthroat mode in getting jobs just to stay afloat. the economy is not improving it is closing in on chaos.

Now seniors are looking for their COLA (coat of living allowance) yet are being told by the rich elected socialist that there is no need for for it. All the while the elected are getting their pay raises and COLA. Hmmm if it is not needed then why are they receiving a raise and increase? Sounds funny and smells like dead fish to me. It STINKS.

SO who is investing in the stock market? Is it the average Joe and his family that is trying to recoup losses from the housing debacle? No it is not. The average American family no longer has the money to do so. It is foreign investors and company execs who are investing and propping up stocks.

As Barney Frank and Chris Dodd call for more restrictions to be removed from home lending policies. Policies that were supposed to prevent the housing bubble in the first place. Frank and Dodd along with their ilk seem to think that debt is a good thing and that the tax payer should be ready and willing to pick up the bill if it collapses again.

As the two and three year ARMS came due we saw trouble. Now the five year ARMs are coming due and we do not have an answer other then be ready to cough up hard earned money by responsible folk for those who are fiscally negligent.

This roller coaster ride in the stock is just reaching another peak before the downhill slide comes again. As long as we have a redistribution of wealth by socialist in government. A lack of fiscal responsibility by those who think that entitlements are the way and not honest accomplishments. Then the Dow's 10,000 mark is not a plus but a warning of the fall to come.

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