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Wednesday, October 21, 2009 

So where is the coverage?

First World Management, a meat packing facility in Kinsman Illinois, was raided by the F.B.I. Local reports say that over 100 agents were involved. This was not an illegal alien raid either. This plant provides goat, beef and lamb meat which is prepared in the Halal way in accordance with Muslim custom, (interesting).

Witnesses who saw the raid on Sunday told CBS 2 it was a huge operation, involving more than 100 agents, police officers and even what one believed to be possible National Guard troops.

Witnesses say during the raid, the driveway was filled with more than 50 government vehicles. That there was a helicopter flying overhead and a command center set up. Then on top of it were government sharpshooters with rifles at the ready, overseeing the area.

SO why has this not made national news. Why is there no information then local Channel 2 on this incident. What were the feds looking for?

You ask a good question, but if I may, I will revise it: "Where's the followup coverage, and where's the in-depth reporting?" This actually did make national news, and quite a few foreign outlets picked it up, too. This story has not ended. Explanations will be demanded.

Tom, thankyou for the correction. I missed the national coverage of this story and stumbled upon it while surfing the net for news. If you would please follow up with where you saw the coverage so that I can double check the facts from where I saw it. Thanks

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