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Sunday, October 18, 2009 

Secrete Service over whelmed?

So according to new reports the U.S. Secrete Service is over whelmed with threats against president Obama and his life. I find this a little hard to believe after all the hatred towards former President Bush. Yet on the other hand the legitimacy of the new threats may be more real then the left nut roots and their lack of respect for those who have a different opinion and idea.

The fact the President Obama lacks any experience or true leadership abilities. That he is traveling the world apologising for the United States and its acts of saving Democracy and the world from oppression. That instead of listening to the people he is supposed to represent and is pushing a radical agenda that is not only ruining our economy but is bringing this country to a second world nation status. All facts look at the current economy with an open mind. The stimulus is not working , unemployment is on the rise and the stock market is a glass house not backed by the average worker.

The dollar is no longer the currency of choice in Latin America ( Hugo Chavez and other leftist are working hard to undermine this country with the aid of an American government that has gone far left). Europe is listening to China on changing the world choice of the dollar to something else.

Our allies no longer have faith in America and wonder how long they can survive without an American military to protect them. Russia threatens not only eastern Europe but the west and the middle east as Vladimir Putin flexes his unrestricted military might. Again thanks to a lack of confrontation by American leftists Hillary Clinton and President Obama.

So does this make the average American upset. I think so. So it can be possible that the threats to President Obama's life are more credible then those to former President Bush. Then with Obama jetting across the globe and not remaining in the Oval Office doing the job he was elected to. The secrete service has its hands full.

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