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Sunday, October 18, 2009 

Tell me not to Fly the American Flag

An assault against America is from within. A lack of respect for the country that gives one the freedom of religion, speech, protection against illegal searches and seizes. It is now politically incorrect to display and fly the American Flag, Old Glory herself.

We have for several years now heard about how some are offended by the Flying of Old Glory in certain residential areas. Now in the Northwest apartment complexes are denying the right o display the flag. Back east a Fire Fighter is suspended for displaying the American flag on his locker. Just what madness is this. This is the United States of America for God's sake. If you cannot display or fly the countries colors then just what country are we living in? I cannot find a single country any where in the world that denies the flying and displaying of their national colors, except in The Untied States.

If you are offended by the American flag, I highly suggest you MOVE to another country where you do not have the freedoms and liberties that this flag represents.

My grandfather flew the American flag, my father flies the American flag, and so do I. Come tell me you are offended by this and I will pull a Toby Kieth on you and put a boot up your backside.

Tell me to lower these colors and I will tell you just where to go and help you along the way!

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