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Thursday, November 12, 2009 

Escaping Justice: Maj. Nidal Hasan

The stage is being carefully crafted now. The script rewritten in favor of a defense for this TERRORIST. The excuses and blame being pushed off the man who pulled the trigger and placed upon everyone else.

As more and more facts are reviled about how this terrorist was allowed to stay in the military and promoted out of fear of a political witch hunt and backlash, the safety of America is being replaced with active capitulation to those who will kill us.

The line of excuse makers is growing including FOX news. As the terms of psychotic, abused, picked on, and conservative Muslim are being bandied about. The defense legal team is circling the wagons in an effort to ensure that this TERRORIST will not be punished.

Yes he will initially be tried in a military court but he will never see the punishment befitting a traitor, subversive, anti American pile of crap that he is. He will be taken away from justice and placed in the federal justice system where he will be released in a few years after more p.c. baiters will claim he is a changed, well man.

What needs to be done is let him stand trial like any other military personal and face the firring squad.

It is from the TERRORIST play book to claim insanity from the get go when they fail to die in their attacks against innocents. The North Carolina car man who drove through Chapel Hill was deemed insane. The shooter in Seattle who targeted Jews, and a pregnant woman, was deemed insane. The 9/11 attackers are said now to have been insane. One could easily make the connection from the legal defenses that all Muslims and the faith of Islam is insane according to political correctness.

I pray that I am wrong, but I make this prediction. That this filth will never see the death penalty. He will never face an execution for his crimes. Crimes that if there ever was one calls for the death penalty to be enforced. This goat herding Camel Jockey will do no more then a max of ten years in a cushy federal pen some where then be released.

A complete and total lack of justice.

Also extremely important is an examination of our media and government who refuse to call this guy a terrorist. They need to exposed to the country as the danger they are.

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