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Monday, November 16, 2009 

A few words for SEIU and Nick Balzano in Allentown

Hey Nicky boy. You say and I quote ”there’s to be no volunteers.” No one except union members may pick up a hoe or shovel, plant a flower or clear a walking path. This is in reference to the young man who is working on his Eagle Scout.

Maybe this young man, Kevin Anderson, 17 would not have had to clear the bike/walking path if instead of using the hoes and shovels as resting sticks. You and your union bullies had done their jobs in the first place. Instead of showing up for work and demanding more pay for even less work done. Your members may have been able to keep their jobs.

Let me give you a few facts pally. This young man is striving to demonstrate his ability to lead by planning, organising, and doing a project. A project that benefits the community in some way. This is what the scouts do. He did not purposely go out and work behind the scene to close shop on a union, unlike what the union does to those who want to work without the oversight of an oppressive group that wants a legalised cut of their paycheck for nothing. No instead a group of volunteers from his peers to those parents and other VOLUNTEERS from the community went out and helped.

So you are upset that 39 members of your thug cult are collecting unemployment and are on the dole. This sounds to me like instead of demanding more money for wages maybe you ought to think about doing a few cuts. Cut back your Cadillac health care plans and maybe donate a day or two a month to the city in community spirit. The childish picking on a boy scout for doing a job that should have been done is not only wrong but pathetic. Much like your union! The city should be commended for saving money on a volunteer project that benefited the city.

Nicky grow up and show some leadership your self.

The behavior of Mr. Balzano exposed his union and himself for what they are. Union is a great idea, but the infiltration of thugs as demonstrated by example is quickly exposing SEIU tactics. They appear to get a pass for unlawful and unsavory behavior. This is the mere tip of the iceberg. Have a nice day.

Hey, cut Balzano a break. If he can shut down this 17 year old volunteer, it will save at least 10 union jobs,

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