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Thursday, January 05, 2012 

PoPo overreact, claims Father. Get Real!

The father of 15 year old Jaime Gonzalez, an 8 TH grade student of Cummings Middle School in Brownsville Texas, claims that even though his son was brandishing a weapon and has a history of questionable behavior, did not deserve to be shot.

Police responded to a call of a student threatening faculty and other students with a weapon. As it turns out the weapon is just a pellet gun. One that happens to look a lot like a glock 9mm. The student, Jaime, was shot twice in the chest and once in the head. Thus an end to what ever criminal career he may have been looking forward to. In other words the ending came much sooner then intended.

What you cry harsh and lack of sympathy here. To bad!! The question of why was Jaime caring even a pellet gun on school grounds is not even approached by his father. The fact that his son has a history of questionable actions in a violent nature. The fact his son was a behavioral problem is never asked. The only question asked is why did the cops "overreact" and have to shoot Jaime.

Shortly after school started Jaime walked into a classroom and for apparently no reason, there must have been one , just not reported as of yet, he punched another student in the face. then he proceeded to pull out what appeared to be a real gun. This gun having been later identified and a pellet gun looked real enough for teachers to have school administration call a lock down. Forcing them to shut off lights, lock doors and call the police. Once police arrived the student , Jaime was located outside the principles office holding the pistol. Police then gave the boy several chances to drop the said weapon, but he refused. This left police with no other option but to shoot.

Police are trained like the military and any other normal organization. They train to shoot center mass and not to wound or disable. They are trained to bring the target down. Is there any question to this, no. The question that Jaime's mother asks is the third shot to the head that obviously was a coup de grau. A double tap, Mozambique, the kill shot.

I see this as a suspect holding an unidentified weapon refusing to comply with lawful orders and being delt with appropriately. Nothing more , nothing less. Looking back at the whole incident, was it necessary to kill the boy? Probably not. However did the police over react? Not in the least.

What is going to happen now? Simply a pay off by the police is more then likely to the Gonzalaz family in the neighborhood of hundreds of thousands of dollars. All tax payer money. Why? Because they had a troubled son who looks to have been a menace to society and the father who bought the toy pellet gun more then likely, living a better life then before only minus a troubled son.

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