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Wednesday, January 11, 2012 

America just does not understand, or do they?

it looks like the RINO's are going to get what they want. I repugnant candidate that will do their bidding and is not conservative at all. Yes that is what I said not conservative at all. Look at Mitt Romney's record. His political life is one of moderation at best. Often leaning way to the left in his programs and proposed bills. Mitt Romney is not in any way a conservative but a dyed in the wool flip flopper that goes where the money is.

The only difference between Mitt Romney and President Obama is that one is a Marxist and the other a socialist. Big spending and hurt the American principles that we are founded on. Mitt may talk a fair game, not a good one at all. This does not change the fact that he is a closet socialist who will not bring about any real hopeful changer to the destruction laid on this country by the Marxist in Chief Obama.

Our country is facing the end of liberty and our way of life. As the Repugnants push forward a Rino ion a candidate the people are rebelling with a wacko far left calling himself a libertarian. Ron Paul is the absolute worse candidate other then Obama in the Democratic party. Ron Paul would in the name of false liberty surrender this country in a heart beat to radical illusions of conspiracy theories and distrust in the Constitution, all the while proclaiming to defend it. His lack of foreign policy will lead to fighting in American streets with foreign soldiers and terrorist. The utter lack of common sense on domestic policy will lead to anarchy and chaos in the streets. Either way with Ron Paul it will be time to lock and load and distrust people outside of your neighborhood.

Mitt Romney may have and pose a more authoritative figure on foreign policy, I doubt his domestic policies will aid in the return of American respect around the world. There is a fine line between respect and fear. Romney does not have the character to pull off either. The Romney domestic schedule may slow down the ruin of the American economy , it will not end wasteful spending by this liberal government. The entitlement programs will still grow, the military will still be cut and nothing will be done to stem the problem of ILLEGALS on the southern border with the cartels moving into America.

This country just does not understand what is at stake this election cycle, or do they. Is it that maybe Americans just do not care anymore?

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