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Sunday, September 04, 2005 

Racism unchecked, un biased

In this time after the tradjic hurricane Katrina, we see alot of blame being thrown around. yet if one looks at this it is pure racism. "Oh poor me. I have been oppressed since my ancestors first stood upright".

Nationally broadcast comments by millionares on television trying to convinvce the man who works 6o plus hours a week that this poor millionare is oppressed while he gets ready for another vacation of parties and smoozing. It is sickening.Kayne West is like a proffessional baseball player. Too much money and no work ethic! Poor me my people are being oppressed so I will blame the white man for the Black mayor of New Orleans failures. The fact that elected local representation in Louisianna is corrupt has nothing to do with the give me give me attitude that is prevalant in the media.

Every last one of these so called activists are getting on any media outlet that will air their woe is me story. Blameing the white man for their own lack of doing something to improve themselves. Then if, God forbid, an African American who has done something with their lives speaks out they are called an Uncle Tom and a sell out to their race. A recent articale by Eroll Louis, talks about the looting that will happen from the federal government while asserting that he is oppressed still. A picture of him in a nice suit and the fact he does pretty well for himself he is still oppressed. ( BULL HOCKEY)!

Claiming that his people have not had a chance to lift themselves up, poor education , lack of money, lack of leadership. Well Errol, if you didn't like the elected officials why not recall them and elect someone who would improve education. Political activism does work. Despite voter fraud by democrates we still elected LEGALLY President Bush by a majority vote and electorial college vote.

Maybe in this aftermath of devistation we will get a system in place that will give hand ups instead of HAND OUTS. Ween people off of government funds and make them more productive to society as a hole.

Sound radical? More then you know. I say stop the welfare programs and put people to work. A productive person is happier and more balanced then a person sitting on their ass collecting a check for nothing. If life is that bad in New Orleans then move. The lame excuse of no money to move is piss poor. If someone is attcking you, you either move or fight back. Either way it means getting up and stop whinning and do something.

Kayne West was correct in one thing, pictures shown have blacks looting and whites getting supplies to survive, oh wait he forgot the pics of the police looting and several whites acting just as stupid raiding stores for items of greed. I guese in Kaynes mind if a white man steels jewelery it is for survival, a black man it is looting. Does Kayne have a few feelings of guilt from his past surfacing? Looting is looting, and survival is survival, again it is all perspective in the eyes of the reporter and the viewer.

The fact that there presently are more black looters in New Orleans then White means absolutey nothing. Except camera ops for these activists.Yet another chance to spread their filth on civil equality. instead of playing the blame poor oppressed game maybe they should go help, or would that interfere with their jet setting life styles?

For years the levees have been undermanned and under code, rather lack of a better code in the knowledge of what may come. A sense of lets wait and put off fixing it to another day. A total lack of local governments ability to act in time of disaster. No leadership as expressed by New Orleans own mayor who is hiding out somewhere other then where he should be. A break down of civil discourse by people who look to the easy way out ( notice I do not say Black as there are white people just as lazy and vile as certain groups of black thugs running amuck in New Orleans).

Again was it not the local authority that failed first its own citizens? If like in all other areas of this country people had put away three days supplies would there not be less human disaster going on. I still say and the time line proves it that federal aid came in three days after the levees broke. That means for three days the locals had a chance to evacuate. Why then did they not? Why didn't authorities get out and look at the levee's? Why are there hundreds of busses sitting in water ladden parking lots not used. Oh we can't transport the poor in school busses?

Oppertuinities abound in this country and especially for the minorities. So many programs are out there that are not available to whites just because of skin color. Illegal Aliens can get low interests loans next to African Americans where whites can not qualify. So called diversity in hireing gives blacks a front in jobs (more commonly known as quotas). I FOR ONE AM SICK AND TIRED OF HEARING THIS I AM OPPRESSED CRAP. IT IS TIME TO PUT SKIN COLOR ASIDE GET OFF THEIR ASSES AND GET A JOB, VOTE AND BECOME PRODUCTIVE TO SOCIETY. This means white trailer trash living on the doll as well. Illegals being deported. People contribute to America and not against her by trying to tear her apart from within.

If you don't like my opinion, we'll then tell me where the federal government has helped minorites out by keeping them on the doll with handouts not handups? Explain to me how it is the federal governments fault that the local government failed to protect and evacuate the locals. You can't because the initial blame lays squarely on the locals for not doing their job first. It also lays on the citizens for electing corrupt officials and being passive in their lack of leadership. Not in the federal government.

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